[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late May

■[PDT] 05/25/2021 02:00
 [CEST] 05/25/2021 11:00
Hello, pilots! I’m Ohta from the Development Team. I would like to share some major updates for May!
■”Gelgoog Vertex” will join battles soon!
The new MS “Gelgoog Vertex,” from “The Return of Johnny Raiden,” is scheduled to be released as a raid unit capable of ground and space sorties! Here’s a sneak peek at its performance.
<Unit description>
・Gelgoog Vertex is a Mobile Suit developed for the Chimera Corps, based on data from ReGelgu, which was provided by Neo Zeon
・It has no shortage of performance as a raid unit, including mobility. It can respond to a variety of battle situations by using a combination of beam, live ammunition, and melee weapons
・The “Quick Turn” skill allows the MS to rapidly turn while moving at high speeds
※The video represents a work in progress. It may differ from the actual game behavior.
【Skill】 Quick Turn
By pressing the touchpad button while moving at high speeds, you can use thrusters to quickly turn the Mobile Suit. While turning, the damage reactions are disabled, but the damage taken is greatly increased. This skill cannot be used while in the air on ground maps.
※The video represents a work in progress. It may differ from the actual game behavior.
■Regarding corrections made in the weak category
We are planning to apply corrections, based on the number of enemies in the weak category, in an upcoming update. This information was presented in the March developer newsletter as part of the raid unit enhancement. It is an adjustment that will affect the entire gameplay, having a significant impact on the balance of battles.
<Correction values>
・The enemy team has “1 unit” in the weak category  = No damage correction
・The enemy team has “2 units” in the weak category  = No damage correction
・The enemy team has “3 units” in the weak category  = Reduces damage received from such units by 5%
・The enemy team has “4 units” in the weak category  = Reduces damage received from such units by 7%
・The enemy team has “5 units” and more in the weak category  = Reduces damage received from such units by 8%
※For example, if you are using a raid unit and the opposing team has four general units,  the damage received from the opposing general units will be reduced by 7%.
Furthermore, we will be adjusting units based on their performance.
※For more details regarding these adjustments, please refer to the previous developer newsletter.
■We’re heading to space! P.M.U. hosted event “Operation Star One” is coming!
Starting with the next update, we will be having a P.M.U. hosted event, “Operation Star One”! In this event, we have prepared various elements and campaigns relating to space battles. We encourage our pilots to sortie more in space!
1.New Space Map “Lunar Debris Belt”
The new map is called “Lunar Debris Belt,” where pilots fight amongst the debris drifting in the orbit of the moon. Let’s discuss features and strategy points!
<MAP Feature ①: A MAP with floating debris and boulders blocking your view and attacks!>
・Abandoned battleships and boulders of varying sizes drift between team bases, making space travel quite dangerous. Five relay points are located within this debris belt.
The size of the MAP is approximately 1.2km in length, 1.5km in width, and 0.5km in height. It is a smaller version of the MAP “Resources Satellite.”
↓Panoramic view of the MAP. Team B’s base is on the moon side on the left, and Team A’s base is on the opposite side of the earth.
↓The view from Team B’s base, facing the front. The debris and rocks are so dense, we can’t see the relay point!
<MAP Feature ②: Debris and rocks have different densities depending on altitude>
・From the images below, we can see that debris and rocks are concentrated towards the lower levels of the MAP. On the contrary, the middle and upper levels have some open space, which makes long distance travel convenient. This also means that projectiles can easily pass through, and at this altitude, be wary to expect ranged attacks from a long distance.
<Strategy point ①: Let’s figure out where the bases and relay points are!>
The specific locations of each base, relay point, and initial sortie position are as follows:
・After the battle begins, team A can capture relay A or C, and team B can capture relay B or D. Others who did not capture those relay points can go to challenge relay E. This is the expected battlefield pattern as the first move (or you could just rush relay E with all your forces).
↓Top view. The base, relay point, and initial sortie position are equidistant of each other.
<Strategy point ②: Use the terrain!>
・The basic strategy would be to use debris and rocks to shield ranged attacks and close in on enemy units, using a variety of ranged and melee attacks on them.
・This is a basic strategy that is common from other MAPs, but the key point is whether you can utilize debris and rocks specifically on this MAP. Using debris and rocks as a shield is a given, but you can also hide from enemy views and ambush them for surprise attacks. The use of terrain is very important! Strategies may vary depending on your MS. Try to devise your own game plan!
↓Get close to enemies while hiding behind debris to time your attacks!
Since views can be easily blocked, be sure to use skills such as Stealth and Fake Beacon to their full potential!
↓The support units can be attacked from the upper levels of this MAP, using wide angles provided by the High-Performance Aerospace Gimbal skill.
↓Since there are many debris, it is easy to be hit by exploding particles. Use the terrain to your advantage!
That’s it for the introduction of the new MAP. Be sure to try this map out!
2.Limited-time directives
Next, I would like to introduce new “directives.”
The content of new directives are all specific to space battles. If you complete each directive, you will be awarded with 1 MS qualified for space use. If you complete all the limited-time directives…you can receive the new MS unit, Gelgoog Vertex! (Scheduled for release on June 6, 2021 JST)
This unit will be made available in Supply Drops on June 10, but you can also acquire it by clearing the directives!
<Directive STEP1>
<Directive STEP2>
<Directive STEP3>
<Directive STEP4>
<Directive STEP5>
3.Adjustments made for behavior in space
Some adjustments will be made to space behavior to make space battles more enjoyable.
<Change ①: Remove difficulty of fights for units that lack the skill “High-Spec AMBAC”>
・The “High-Spec AMBAC” is a powerful skill that reduces the gap after high-speed movements. However, MS lacking this skill will have difficulty fighting in space. Therefore, the skill “High-Spec AMBAC” LV1 will be added to all MS that can sortie in space (with some exceptions).
In addition, to preserve the advantage of units that already had “High-Spec AMBAC” skill, their skill level will be increased by one – “High-Spec AMBAC” LV1→2.
Effects of “High-Spec AMBAC”
 Lv1 … At the end of high-speed movements, if the movement is performed in the same direction as the travel direction, it will shift to cruising movement without deceleration.
Lv2 … 「High-Spec AMBAC」 LV1 effects + increased turn rate in space
※Some units are not eligible for this skill due to their high win rate and performance.
※Other balance adjustments are scheduled to be implemented in the future. Please check later for details.
<Change ②: Change the thruster consumption of infantry in space to zero>
・In space, the MAP is wider, and time tends to be longer, thus movement would occasionally be troublesome. Therefore, we will be changing the behavior of infantry in space so that they do not deplete thrusters (similar to the behavior underwater).
<Change ③: Change the mini-map marker to show the height difference>
・There are large differences in altitude in space, and it may be difficult to locate your enemy, whether they are above or below you. To alleviate this problem, the mini-map will now show where enemy and friendly units are near you.
※This will apply to space and ground maps.
・If you prefer the older display format, you can revert back. To switch the height difference display – “Start H.A.R.O.” > “Options” > “Others” > “Radar marker height difference display.”
※The default setting is ON.
■Closing words
With the addition of the new space MAP, unit adjustments, and altitude challenges, we hope you will start having more space battles! This is your chance to shoot for the moon! The contents introduced are scheduled to release on Thursday, May 27, 2021 (JST), as well as the Operation Star One hosted by P.M.U.!
(Development Team: Ohta)