[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late April

■ 2021/04/20 (TUE) 11:00 am <CEST>
  2021/04/20 (TUE) 02:00 am <PDT>
■ Introduction
Hello, pilots! This is Ohta from the Development Team. I hope you are all doing well. Time sure flies, it’s already mid-April! Starting at the end of April to beginning of May, we will be celebrating Golden Week here in Japan. After the holidays,” Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash” is scheduled for release on May 7th! (Check HERE for the official website)
I never dreamed that it would be made into a movie and I am very much looking forward to it!
As for GBO2, we will soon have a collaboration event with Hathaway. We have a variety of updates planned for you to enjoy in the ongoing stay-at-home situation. Let’s now take a peek into what’s upcoming! 
■ Collaboration event with “Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash”!
We will soon be having a collaboration event to celebrate the release of the movie adaptation. A commemorative photo stand will be set up at base camp, and the “Hathaway Pose” from the key visual will be added. Be sure to take a celebratory photo with your battle friends!
* Details will be announced at a later date
■ “Pale Rider (VG)” will join the battles soon!
The new MS “Pale Rider (VG)” from “Missing Link” will be a general unit just like in the previous game. Here’s a sneak peek at its performance ahead of its official release.
<Unit description>
・ A damaged Pale Rider which was repaired using parts from the Gelgoog series and operated by Vincent Gleissner (VG).
Most of its weapons were replaced with Zeon ones, since its spare parts were produced by the Principality of Zeon.
・ Like the base model, it has a high level of adaptability thanks to its abundant weaponry.
In addition, the main ranged weapon can be replaced with Zeon produced beam machine guns, bazookas and machine guns, so you can change the equipment according to your own strategy and team composition.
・ Equipped with “HADES Ability Boost” skill, which increases attack power and mobility for a certain period of time.
This skill can be activated at the right moment to give you an advantage in battle.
* The video represents a work in progress. It may differ from the actual game behavior.
■ Corrections based on the number of categories the enemy team is weak in
In last month’s developer newsletter, we outlined a planned adjustment to reduce the enemy’s weak category based on the number of weak category units on the battlefield. We are examining this measure in order to not disrupt the relationship between MS categories and reduce the factors that make Raid units feel unbalanced. The development team will continue to analyze this for implementation at a future date.
■ New mode “Brawl Match”!
New mode … “Brawl Match” will be added!
This rule is free-for-all , where you will BRAWL against each other and there can be only one winner! This is a special rule that removes team battle element from GBO and adds a enjoyable atmosphere. Since it’s a free for all match, the team-based strategies may not be applicable. Let me introduce the features of Brawl Match!
◇ Feature ① There can be only one winner!
The main feature of BRAWL mode is free-for-all.
The goal is to be the only player with the highest score to win! When the battle begins, all players will be launched in distance from each other, but when they respawn, they can launch from any relay point.
↓ On the left side of the screen, you can see your rank and score information.
◇ Feature ② Destroy enemy MS and steal their score points!
You can earn score points by destroying enemy MS, just like in usual rules. There is also a second feature of this new rule, where you can steal enemy MS score points by destroying it! On the other hand, if your MS gets destroyed, you will lose score points as well.
<The following score points will be awarded for destroying the MS>
・ MS destroyed  … Cost of destroyed unit
・ Pilot killed  … Cost of pilot
・ Score stolen  … 15% of score earned by the destroyed unit (Brawl match specific score)
<The following scores points will be awarded for assists>
・ MS destruction assist  … 30% of the cost of the destroyed unit
・ Assist bonus  … 5% of score earned by the destroyed unit (Brawl match specific score)
↓ Destroy enemy MS to earn score points!
* The video represents a work in progress. It may differ from the actual game behavior.
The amount of score taken is a fixed percentage rate, and this amount increases in relation to the score points earned. Therefore, you should prioritize the top players in the first three places who have the most scores!
↓ On the left side of the screen, you can also see the current 1st to 3rd place players and their score information.
↓ When you capture an enemy unit on your radar, the score it has will be displayed. Find out which enemy you should target! In addition, rank information will be displayed for the first three places and the radar will also look different.
◇ Feature ③ The lower your score rank, the more powerful your MS will become!
・ The greater difference in scores between you and another player in first place, the more your MS attack and defense power will be. This enhancement buff is called “Score Gap Modifier,” and the higher it is, the easier it becomes to aim for an unexpected win. Players with low scores should aim at top players.
↓ The amount applied from “Score Game Modifier” can be seen as follows.
◇ Feature ④ Free to fight as you want, don’t be bound by team-specific strategies!
・ In team fights, ignoring team coordination is not recommended because it leads to the collapse of the front line, but since this is a free-for-all match, any battle strategy is ok! This requires you to be flexible and not get caught up in the tactics of a team battle. Here is an example of how to fight according to each MS category.
<General Unit>
・ They often have emergency evasion control that enhances their survivability and ranged weapons that allow them to engage at medium range, making them easy to handle in battle. You can take advantage of its survivability to charge into crowded areas.
<Raid Unit>
・ They have skills such as stealth and maneuver armor, as well as the ability to attack with its high mobility. Therefore, they can aim to destroy MS in a short period of time with its melee attack combo and high-powered melee attacks.
<Support Unit>
・ They have a wide radar search range and can get more information about the battlefield by watching the enemy HP. The fun part of this category is that you can leverage the high ground and snipe with long-range weapons.
* Please note that the performance of spotting functions such as camera guns is slightly different from team battles. In this rule, spotted enemy unit information is not shared with team members, but with the enemy units. This can also be used to aggravate enemies on certain targets.
The tactics listed so far for each MS category are just examples. There are many other ways to fight, such as equipping the main weapon with a machine gun, or using a transformable unit to destroy enemy unit as they pass by and take off at high speeds, so be sure to try out different strategies!
◇ Brawl Match schedule
Brawl Matches will be available in Quick Matches (weekend-only) and Custom Matches. In order to provide more opportunities for everyone to play, Brawl Matches will be a permanent feature in Quick Match for the first month after the release.
* It will be a weekend only match for now.
* Please note that the “Mix-up,” “Simple Battle,” and “Target Shuffle” Quick Matches will be temporarily suspended. However, they will still be playable in Custom Matches.
* Other detailed information will be released at later date.
■ Closing words
・ Although units such as Jegan and Geara Doga from Char’s Counterattack have been introduced, there are still titles and units that have not yet made an appearance. We have plans to keep adding more! We will continue to work on other new elements and improvements to make the game even better! The content introduced here is scheduled to be released on 04/22/2021 at 14:00 (JST), including “Brawl Match”! Please be sure to try it out!!
– Ohta, Development Team
P.S. After playing a Brawl match, please be careful not to attack your teammates with friendly fire in other matches!