Stance against disrupting other players

■[PDT] 03/14/2021 22:00
 [CET] 03/25/2021 06:00
  • We will strengthen our response concerning disruptive player behaviors in order to maintain a comfortable environment for all. Until now, temporary account suspensions have been implemented for those who have been repeatedly causing trouble for others.
  • From now on: Warning message will be displayed to the subject of repeated nuisance, and if it is confirmed that the nuisance continues, “permanent account suspension” will be implemented.
  • The following is considered as obstructive behavior:
  • ・Sabotaging an ally attack in combat (so-called friendly fire)
  • ・Continual uncooperative behavior (such as leaving the room or spamming simple chat) without participating in battle
  • ・Disconnecting during a battle and leaving the battlefield
  • ・Defamation via chat or email
  • ・Repeated reports that differ from the content of the report subject’s play (false reporting)
  • These are major examples of reportable behavior.