Extension of some campaign periods due to PSN problems

■[PST] 03/01/2021 5:00
 [CET] 03/02/2021 2:00
We are currently experiencing a prolonged PSN outage in some regions, which is preventing users from playing the game properly.
As a result, we would like to extend the following events:
1. “Over 3 Million DL Login Bonus”
2. “Recon team’s container discovery rate 100%”


<PST> February 24th 9:00pm~March 10th 8:59pm
<CET> February 25th 6:00am~March 11th 5:59am
<PST> February 24th 9:00pm~March 13th 8:59pm
<CET> February 25th 6:00am~March 14th 5:59am


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused for our pilots. Thank you all for your patience and understanding!