Notice regarding to different locations of checkpoints and carriers in "Resource Satellite" .

■[PST] 01/31/2021 11:17PM
■[CET] 0201/2021 08:17AM
We are currently aware of an issue in the MAP “Resource Satellite” that check points and carriers are placed differently between PS4 players and PS5 players.
Because of this, When PS4 players and PS5 players matched in the MAP “Resource Satellite” , some erroneous behaviors such as a mobile suit in the carrier occur.
■Fix schedule
To resolve this issue, we will have an update in a few days.
From both “Rating match” and “Quick match”, we are going to temporally remove “Resource Satellite” from the map rotation by the application update for the 4th of Feb.
■Changes of Clan match schedule
Regarding the clan match scheduled for  [CET] 02/06 1:00 PM/ [PST] 02/06 4:00 AM,
We will replace “Resource Satellite” with “Space Fortress Interior” according to the issue and the fix above.
We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this swiftly.