Notice regarding an issue of the server (follow-up 2)

■[PST]01/07/2021  (THU) 0:00
   [CET]01/07/2021  (THU) 09:00

Greetings, Pilots! Our last update stated the maintenance will end by 11:00 am (CET) on Thursday, Jan. 7th / 2:00 am (PST) on Thursday, Jan. 7th. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to extend the undergoing maintenance to 11:00 am (CET) Friday, Jan. 8th / 2:00 am (PST) on Friday, Jan. 8th. This schedule may be subject to change.

When maintenance has been completed, we will be providing compensation to players affected by the server issue. The compensation may restore the penalty status as we have noticed before. The weekly update, a new unit and GBO Days, will be rescheduled after maintenance.

We sincerely apologize for this drawback, and greatly appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this swiftly.