Bug Report related to Ex-S Gundam

■[PST] 12/18/2020 3:00
[CET] 12/18/2020 12:00
          Currently, we are aware of the issue that Ex-S Gundam rarely stops when using “Reflector Incom x2”.
■Where the bug occurs
In battle, Ex-S Gundam rarely stops when using “Reflector Incom x2” surrounded by rubbles and meteorite, and rotating the aim to a certain angle during the chasing of a locked-on enemy.
Ex-S Gundam can be operated by getting the damage over “Stagger” or using “Emergency evacuation” by holding 〇 button and hitting the bazooka to your mobile suit.
■Regarding Correction Measure
We plan to fix this bug by the future update.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our pilots.