Winter Festival Campaign ④ Unacquired MS Boosted Supply Drop!

■[PST] 12/9/2020 21:00
 [CEST] 12/10/2020 6:00
Winter Festival Campaign ④ “Unacquired MS Boosted Supply Drop!” will start from 12/10/2020 (THU).
■Campaign period
[PST] 12/9/2020 (WED) 21:00 ~ 12/16/2020 (WED) 20:59 [scheduled]
[CEST] 12/10/2020 (THU) 6:00 ~ 12/17/2020 (THU) 5:59 [scheduled]
■Campaign Details
The Boosted Supply Drop provides unique bonuses with each 10 pull Supply Drop up to STEP4.
The STEP will progress by 1 each time you perform a request [STEP 1 → STEP 2 → STEP 3 → STEP 4 ].
There are no additional bonuses after STEP4.
・STEP1 (30 Tokens): 1 ★★ MS guaranteed!
・STEP2 (30 Tokens): Chance for materials ★★ or higher x1.5!
・STEP3 (30 Tokens): 2 unacquired ★★ MS guaranteed!
・STEP4 (30 Tokens): 1 unacquired ★★★ MS guaranteed! In addition supply drop materials will all be MS
※For “unacquired MS”, please see the following notes
  • ※In STEP3 and STEP4, MS of eligible rarities, that you do not own at the time of making a request, will be drawn.
    If you own all MS of eligible rarities, the draw will be random
  • Please note that if you leave an MS that you have never owned in the reward window without receiving it,
    it will not be treated as “owned” and will be drawn as “MS of an eligible rarity that you do not own” in STEP 3 and STEP 4.
  • ※Obtainable materials will be the same as the current Supply Drop lineup.
    Please check [ITEMS] for more details.