Announcement of “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Campaign”

■[PDT] 10/21/2020 22:00
 [CET] 10/22/2020 7:00
“HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Campaign” will be available from [PDT] 10/21/2020 (WED) / [CEST] 10/22/2020 (THU)
■Campaign Period
[PDT] 10/21/2020 (WED) 22:00 – 11/4/2019 (WED) 20:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 10/22/2020 (THU) 7:00 – 11/5/2019 (THU) 5:59 [Scheduled]
■Campaign Details
During the campaign period, the entire base camp will be decorated with Halloween theme.
In addition, “Autumn Limited Missions” and “Container Recon Team acquisition increase Campaign” will be implemented.
1. Halloween base camp!
During the campaign period, the base camp will be filled with Halloween atmosphere, with characters at each facility being dressed up in various costumes. Please enjoy the Halloween event!
2. Let’s find some hidden “Dullahan Head Parts” in the base camp!
“Dullahan Head Parts” are hidden in the Halloween base camp. You can obtain the accessory “Head Accessory: Dullahan” once you found all of the parts.
■How to find the Dullahan Head Parts
If you press the touchpad button at the base camp during the campaign period, the mode will change to shooting mode.
If you match the viewfinder to a hidden Head Parts, the color on your viewfinder will change and you can capture the Head Parts.
※Undiscovered head parts will have a light blue finder, while discovered head parts will have a red finder.
※The number of Head Parts found is displayed in the upper left of the screen.
3. “Autumn Limited Missions” announcement!
Special limited missions will be available during this period.
Halloween limited accessories and a new unit “Pale Rider Dullahan LV1” can be obtained as reward.
・★★ Pale Rider Dullahan LV1 (Raid Unit, For Ground / Space Use, Cost: 400)
  • ■Mobile Suit features:
  • ・Raid Unit, Cost 400
  • ・An ill-fated machine from the Pale Rider line not equipped with HADES.
  • ・Has a sufficient performance as raid unit and provides high adaptability
  • ・One can expect great results on the battlefield by utilizing its well handled and distinctive weapons in both offense and defense
  • ※Halloween limited accessories are base camp only pilot equipment
  • ※The following accessories from 2019 Halloween campaign will also be available
  • ■Pilot Accessory
  • ・★★ Little devil horns
  • ・★★ Little devil wings
  • ・★★ Little devil tail
  • ■Mark
  • ・★★ Jack the Halloween. <J>
4. “Container Recon Team acquisition increase Campaign”
During the campaign period, the container drop rate after the end of the battle will be increased to “25%” from a normal “10%”.
  • ※Up to 2 containers can drop per day.
  • ※If you have been awarded a Premium Medal, the number of containers that can drop in one day will increase due to its effect.
  • ※The daily reset is at [PDT] 12:00 / [CET] 21:00.
  • ※Container rewards cannot drop when there is a status of [PENALTY Lv1] or higher.