[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late October 2020

■[PDT]2020/10/20 2:00
[CEST]2020/10/20 11:00
Hello everyone, Development Director Kanbe here.
We’re already into autumn and it’s getting chilly.
Let me give you another update for this month.
It’s “that time of year” again!
It’s that time of year again when Base Camp is buzzing with activity and Halloween is upon us!
Not only there will be decorations for Halloween, but you can also receive a new annual mobile suit as well as exclusive missions!
This is the new mobile suit you’ll get with this year’s exclusive mission!
A unit codenamed “Dullahan”, a name that is believed to bring bad luck will be available:
“Pale Rider Dullahan” (Cost: 400, Raid Unit)
Anyone can earn it by completing limited missions during Halloween, so be sure to give it a shot!
Furthermore, this year again, Tenda hid “something” around the Base Camp.
The target of Tenda’s shenanigans this year are the head parts of the headless knight Pale Rider Dullahan.
These head parts are hidden throughout the base camp. (It’s also hidden in the image below.)
If you search around the base camp and take pictures of all the head parts in camera mode (activated by touchpad input), you’ll earn the “Head Accessory: Dullahan”.
You should try getting it!
By the way, Tenda’s decorating techniques have improved, so the difficulty level should have increased from last year… you be the judge!
I’m sure there will be reports of discovery on social media after the event, but I suggest you to avoid spoilers and try to find them with your friends and clan members!
And here are some reports on the renovations.
■Permanent removal of the “650” cost limit.
In GBO2, the game modes you can choose from in rated matches and quick matches switch every two hours.
In the past, we have adjusted the number of game modes to choose from and the number of people playing against each other during times of low activity, while keeping the maximum cost of 650 permanently in place, but based on the current environment and the pace at which new units are added each week, we are changing our policy as follows.
◎ Incoming game mode policies
・ Permanent removal of the “650” cost limit. Changed to the same frequency as other cost bands
・ The same cost limit as the new unit to increase the chances of launching new unit that are added every Thursday (duration = 1 week).
→ If there is more than one cost for an additional aircraft, one of them must be selected
・ Other conditions remain the same.
That’s all … As the 650 cost limit is going to be removed, please note that this week’s new unit will cost 650, so the same cost limit as the new unit will be a permanent feature.
■ Improved benefits of Continuous Return Bonus
A ” Continuous Return Bonus ” that was added in September’s update.
This is a bonus that allows sortie unit to be enhanced for pilots returning without leaving the front lines, but it also slightly increases the benefit to returning pilots.
◎ Benefit enhancement 1: Increase the maximum value of enhancement acquired
Currently, the maximum reinforcement value you can get in one battle is +3 (more than 30 consecutive returns), but we will increase this maximum reinforcement value to +4 (more than 50) consecutive returns).
◎ Benefit enhancement 2: Guaranteed to be deployed with a maxed-out aircraft
If a sortie had a maxed out enhancement value, the enhancement value did not increase any further, so you did not get the benefit of the continuous return bonus for that battle.
However, there were more opportunities to deploy units that had been strengthened by reinforcement facilities, etc., and if you didn’t get a bonus for maxed out reinforcement values, it was a factor that made you feel like you had lost money (even though you didn’t lose money), so we’ll be modifying it as follows from the next update.
Continuous Return Bonus so far:
If a sortie’s enhancement value is maxed out = no increase in enhancement value from the continuous return bonus.
Continuous Return Bonus after update:
If the enhancement value of a sortie is maxed out the enhancement value of one of the units stored in the enhancement facility is increased (the unit is randomly selected).
This makes it easier to reinforce units stored in the reinforcement facility, and eliminates the waste when launching with maxed-out unit. As you would expect, the bonus will be wasted if the enhancement facility is empty, so it’s nice to have at least one unit stored in the enhancement facility.
■ Playing PS4’s GBO2 on PS5
As we’ve received a lot of positive feedback since the official announcement the other day, PS4’s GBO2 will be available to play on PS5 on November 12 with the same content.
To add a little bit more about the operation, there are no changes to the game content or settings at all, so the game is not compatible with 4K resolution and so on, but you will benefit from the “improved frame rate” when playing on PS5.
As well as the improved frame rate when comparing the regular PS4 and PS4Pro, you’ll experience a more stable and smoother rendering in the game.
In terms of experience by console, the frame rate increases in the order of PS5 > PS4Pro > PS4.
There is no advantage other than the frame rate, such as being able to see the battlefield farther, for example.
We will continue to develop the game so that players can enjoy GBO2 on PS5 as well, so we hope for your support.
■Closing Words
Last month, we took other steps to make the penalty for withdrawal more severe.
Comparing the number of mid-match withdrawals in rating matches before and after implementation, the number of mid-match withdrawals has decreased by about 23%, but the number of disruptive behavior other than mid-match withdrawals has not yet decreased.
In order to make it even more important for normal players to be able to play comfortably, we are considering giving priority to the development of a new feature that allows players to report annoying behavior from within the game.
We still need more time for this one, but we hope it will be ready soon.
As for the file release date for the update I mentioned, it will be [PDT] Wednesday, October 21st 22:00 [scheduled] / [CEST] Thursday, October 22nd 7:00 [scheduled]!
Starting at the same time, we’ll also be starting Halloween Event 2020, so be sure to log in and have a spooky time!
We’ll continue to update the game for a better environment, to keep up the good work on GBO2!
Development Director, Kanbe