[Developer Newsletter] Regarding MAP Update in Late September

■ [PDT] 9/18/2020 2:00
 [CEST] 9/18/2020 11:00
Greetings Pilots! It’s been awhile, Funatani here!
I’d like to tell you about the “Underwater Environment” update we’re planning to add at the end of September, which was briefly mentioned in the last developer newsletter video!
Since the release of the game, we’ve been longing to implement an underwater environment in many places of the game … and now, at long last … it’s here!
There were a lot of requests for an underwater combat, but due to negative effects of being underwater, it would make it really difficult to play.
I’m going to introduce how it is going to change, starting from behavior.
Underwater Behavior
The controls are essentially the same as on the ground.
Even though the controls are the same, various parameters will change … upon diving underwater.
Roughly speaking, the efficiency of waste heat is improved underwater due to water cooling, so all MS have the same: 
・ Increased thruster overheat recovery rate!
・ Decreased thruster consumption!
・ Increased recovery rate of beam weapon overheat!
・ Decreased gravitational acceleration!
One can go underwater to speed up the overheat recovery of a beam weapon, for instance.
In addition, while previously there were two types of suitability for MS: terrestrial and space, the addition of an underwater environment will increase the number of suitability options.
In the currently released MS, it’s applicable to:
Acguy, Agguguy, Juaggu, Z’ Gok, Z’Gok E, Zogok, Hy-Gogg, Gogg, Zock, Ram Z’Gok! (Let’s read it out loud)
There will be changes to “Skill,” “Movement Speed,” and “Radar Range” depending on underwater suitability.
■ Skill
MS that are suitable for underwater will be able to dash while jumping in.
Also, with the exception of a few MS, the skill “Aquatic Mobile Shooting will be granted, allowing the MS to dash and fire underwater.
For example, Z’Gok E will be able to fire the main weapon while dashing and so on, which will completely change the way you play on the ground and submerged.
■ Movement speed
Suitable for underwater: your dash speed, movement speed, and turning speed will be slightly increased, and you will be lighter than on the surface.
Dash speed, movement speed, and turning speed will be slightly lower.
We don’t want to make the water feel uneasy, so don’t worry, we didn’t make drastic changes to speed.
■ Radar
Common to all MS: If you’re on the ground, it’s hard to see enemy MS in the water (The radar range is reduced)
No underwater suitability: It’s hard to see enemy MS wherever they are in the water (The radar range is reduced) reduced)
Suitable for underwater: You are comfortable underwater, wherever the enemy MS can be (No change in radar range)
It adds an element of stealth, like suddenly appearing from underwater or ground so one should rely not only on a radar but with their own eyes too.
Also, Be Careful When Using Weapons Underwater, As There Are Some Things You Can Not Use, Such As Adhesive Substance, Smoke, And Flame Throwers.
Even If You Try To Use Them Accidentally, They Will Not Work …
Furthermore, even in shallow water (about half a body deep), there are some mild negative effects, which we will cover when we release the update.
This is it for now about the behavior, I will now discuss the “Port Base (High Tide)” map .
We have been digging a moat for HLV water cooling for two years now, and finally, we’ve done it!
Implementation of Port Base (High Tide)
The Port Base (High Tide) will be added as a variation just like Port Base (Sunrise),
so there won’t be much changes from Port Base or Port Base (Sunrise).
Personally, I’d say Port Base (High Tide) is the easiest to fight among these.
Here is an overall view.
The water is poured into the very edge of the pipe and Gogg is in the zone, splashing around in the water.
In the water, the fog is closer to the ground and the visibility is worse than on the ground.
However, the water in the Port Base (High Tide) is somewhat bright, and the depth is about 34m.
Next comes the visibility from the ground into water and vice versa, there is limited visibility …
It’s hard to hit someone from the ground even by doing random shots, so it’s easy to get close underwater.
Also, the radar range becomes shorter under various circumstances and you may end up very close to the enemy before you realize it.
Due to reduced visibility and limited radar functionality, one will need to rely on HP bars more.
The “Observational Data Link” to share the HP bar with your allies is very important, and the Jamming to erase this link is also crucial. the “Stealth” is completely undetectable from above the water if you are submerged, so make sure to take skills into consideration. It requires a slightly different mindset and strategy than previous MAPs.
I hope you will look forward to seeing the newly waterfilled Port Base and how much it will change the way you play!
Next, we’d like to introduce the new MAP “Jungle” ,
which was shown at the end of the last developer newsletter video.
Implementation of the new MAP Jungle
This is GBO’s first MAP with lots of greenery and trees!
(A jungle area that I’ve longed for since PS3 GBO!)
This is something I always write about, but in creating new MAPs, I am most careful not to make them similar to other MAPs in terms of play.
We are always trying to eliminate the elements that make it difficult to play (collisions, brightness, etc.), but this time, we’re focusing on the atmosphere.
The trees are high and obscure the visibility … but there needs to be a place where you can’t see them if you crouch down. Even though they’ re in the way, we went through a lot of trial and error to find a good balance in the height of the trees …
Here’s the general overview. Lush green trees blocking the view.
It doesn’t interfere with shooting and movement , but it does block the view.
Also, there is a river flowing in the center of the MAP, and it is designed so that you this way, both jungle battles and underwater battles can occur frequently. You can reach the opponent’s base if you advance along the river.
As for the MAP structure, it’s point-symmetrical like the Ruined city.
There are 6 relay points, and the main battlefield changes depending on the relay to be controlled, so it’s better to think carefully about the organization and limit the number of relays.
The water is a little darker than the Port Base and has poor visibility.
The walls on both sides are difficult to climb on foot, but you can climb basically anywhere on thrusters.
Further details about the jungle –Although trees are a hindrance to shooting, it’s easy to lose sight of enemies even without stealth. Enemies won’t be able to see you when sniping from an ambush.
We would like you to find your own sniping point where enemies can’t see you.
(I can’t see the lights from beam rifles, so Units 4 and 7 scare me …)
Points C and D are a bit higher and more dense with vegetation, making them good points to hide and shoot, so I personally recommend them.
Also, neither the Jungle nor the Port Base (High Tide) has tanks, wappa, or other vehicles, so please be careful when respawning with infantry.
■ Closing
As for the Ruined city, there will be water in the waterway, but it’s not the main battlefield and won’t have much of an impact, so this is going to be an update to the Ruined city, not a variation MAP.
We hope you’ll wait for more information about this when it’s released.
In the next developer newsletter, Kanbe will report on improvements in controls, so be sure to look out for that as well!
Development Assistant Director, Funatani