[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late August 2020

■2020/08/24 18:00
Hello Pilots! This is Kanbe speaking, the development director.
We are almost at the end of 5-week 2 Year Anniversary Campaign and I hope you were able to get ★★★ units everyone has been wanting to fly.
The system can make it difficult to get all of the units, and we’re trying to increase the chances of getting them during such campaigns, so that anyone can enjoy them.
As mentioned last year, the 3 Year Anniversary is going to be even more spectacular! (even though I haven’t discussed it with Fujiyama Producer yet…)
If you or your friends haven’t logged in during the 2 Year Anniversary Campaign yet, please be sure to login till [PDT] August 26 (WED) 21:59 / [CEST] August 27 (THU) 6:59 to receive 5 weeks worth of “2 Year Anniversary Containers”!
Let me share this month’s update with you. We have been running various campaigns for new pilots, etc.
But this time, we will be adding something new for our veteran pilots.
■ “Major” rank
There are several parameters in GBO2 that describe a pilot’s traits, and one of them is “rank” that shows such indicators as “how many sorties are being done?”, etc.
The higher the rank, the more units and knowledge the pilot will have, and now we are releasing a new “Major” rank, which is higher than “Captain”.
To give you a rough idea of ​​​the current status of pilots who have reached highest the rank, about “about 13%” of the pilots who logged in the last 30 days have reached the rank of Captain, and “about 9%” of the pilots have reached Captain Lv. 19.
So based on the ratio of pilots that have reached the highest rank, we decided to increase the rank further.
Also, the higher your rank, the more units you can exchange at the DP exchange counter, and this time, as a bonus for pilots who reach the rank of “Major” we’ve made it possible to exchange DPs for units which aren’t even in the recycling counter yet!
■Units that can be exchanged for DP with “Ensign Lv 1” or higher
・Dijeh Lv1 [General] COST550 DP required = 400,000 DP
・Striker Custom Lv1 [Raid] COST450 DP required = 400,000 DP
・Guncannon Detector Lv1 [Support] COST450 DP required = 400,000 DP
As for these units above, they will be included into recycle counter lineup after some time, just like other units, so we hope you can choose whether to exchange them with recycling ticket at that time,
or exchange them for DPs as you move up in ranks, since it requires more DPs compared to other units.
■Rating rank “S-“
The “rank” shows “how many sorties the pilot is doing”, while the “rating rank” shows pilot’s skills.
A+ rank was the highest one for a long time, but now we are releasing a higher “S-” rank !
At the moment, only a quite limited number of elite pilots have reached the A+ rank, and for the rank “S-” and above,  a new system to prove that you are an elite among elite will be added
■ Introduction of a rating rank safe period
Previously, rating ranks could be maintained by not going to a rating match.
However, starting with a rating of S- and above, if you don’t participate in a rating match for a period of time to prove that you are an elite pilot worthy of the highest rank, your rating will degrade slightly.
Here’s how it works.
・Ratings are updated as a result of participating in a rating match.

・The updated rating is then kept for “180 hours”  *Rating safe period = 180 hours (1 week + α)

・If you don’t participate in any rating match during the rating safe period, it will be reduced by -2 every 24 hours
*The rating safe period is applied only for the highest rating of’S-‘ or higher.
*The decrease is limited to 2699 (= A + upper limit) .It will not decrease beyond that point.
The purpose of this one is
・The goal to further increase the value of the highest rating rank by making it more difficult.
・Revitalization of rating matches and adding new goals after reaching the upper limit
But also, if you don’t play for a while, it would be great to play with suitable opponents when you still haven’t gotten used to playing again, instead of playing in top-rated battlefields full of strong players.
This is a much more difficult goal than A+, so if you are confident in your ability, please give it a try.
(I myself have to aim for an A+ first…!)
■ Closing Words
These updates are coming [PDT] August 26 (WED) 22:00 / {CEST} August 26 (THU) 7:00.
August has minor update with few new elements implemented, but we have a lot of new things in store after September.
I can’t tell you more about it, since it’s about this month’s update, but I’m going to share a little video with you ahead of time. Please remember this is a teaser after September, not August! 
And stay tuned for the third year of GBO2 as we head out into a new war zone!
Development Director, Kanbe