[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the update in late June 2020

■[PDT] 6/23/2020 2:00
 [CEST] 6/23/2020 11:00
Hello Pilots! This is Kanbe speaking, the development director.
With the upcoming rainy season, the shelter-in-place daily life has finally eased, though little by little.
But we still need to be extra cautious to prevent the spread by practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
There is still a lot of work to do, so let’s do our best! I am excited to share this month’s update with you!
■Enhancing Mobile suits with enhancement facility
In Battle Operation 2, not only can you customize your units with weapons and custom parts, but you can also take them to the
“Enhancement Facility” to upgrade and give them various skills.
Originally, the enhancement facility was introduced in May 2019 to make your favorite units even stronger, and in the hopes that the characteristics of each pilot will be elevated depending on which kind of units were being upgraded.
About a year after the introduction, it is difficult to fully enhance all the units that you own, but I think many pilots have fully enhanced their favorite units.
This time, we will introduce a new “modification” system for units that have already been fully enhanced as an element to let you further enhance your favorite units.
■”Modification Facility” that exceeds the limit of Mobile Suits enhancement
What can I do with the Modification Facility? It is quite simple! By performing a modification, you can unlock the cap of the enhancement value set for each unit.
When the cap is unlocked, you can further increase the enhancement value of the unit, so the number of enhancement skills you can grant to the unit will increase.
(Modification is only for unlocking the cap. In order to actually give skills, it is necessary to increase the enhancement value through enhancement facility or acquiring duplicates)
To perform a modification, you can access the “Modification Facility” by talking to Leona, just like when you access the enhancement facility.
The 5th and subsequent enhancement skills have been newly added to all units.
Since the enhancement value cannot be obtained without unlocking the cap, it is not possible to grant the fifth and subsequent skills to the unit as it is.
Before you add new strengthening skills, first unlock the cap of the unit’s enhancement value at “Modification Facility.”
In addition to “DP” and “Recycle ticket” as modification costs, in order to perform a modification, a new item called “Modification Kit” is required.
■The “Modification Kit,” item required to perform a modification
Just like the mechanic ticket, there are 3 types of Modification Kits depending on the rarity, and you will need the corresponding rarity to modify your units.
★ Ways to obtain a Modification Kit:
★ 1. Monthly Mission Rewards
There were many missions where you could obtain DP as a reward for completing monthly missions. Now we will change the rewards from DP to Modification Kit. The more missions you complete in a month, the more repair kits you can get. Let’s sortie and get them!
★ 2. Login Bonus Rewards
Log in daily for login bonus rewards!
★ 3. Limited-time Mission Rewards
Participate in our campaign events and receive Modification Kits as rewards!
  • *Additional note:
  • By changing the reward from “DP” to “Modification Kit,” we have adjusted some of the mission rewards so that the amount of DP you can obtain so far does not decrease.
  • For example: Obtainable DP from previous monthly missions = 47,000DP in total obtainable from 47 missions.
  • Obtainable DP for future missions = 50,000DP in total for one mission.
The number of “Modification Kits” you can get is small, to preserve the game balance as well as make it a challenge to modify all units.
Similar to when you enhance your units in the enhancement facility, be extra careful when selecting what kind of units to modify.
Depending on which unit is being modified, the characteristic of the pilot will be reflected in the unit more than ever.
Instead of modifying all units at once, it is my hope that you could modify and improve one unit at a time.
■New enhancement skills that can be set through modification
[Effect description] Melee modifier increased by 4.
[Affected units] GM LV1, Gelgoog M LV1, etc.
■Anti General Type Defense Program LV1
[Effect description] Reduces damage received from General Type units by 3%.
[Affected units] Gouf LV1, etc.
■Support Type Artillery Resistance LV1
[Effect description] Reduces damage received from Support Type artillery attacks by 30%.
[Affected units] GM Cannon II LV1, Juaggu LV1, etc.
■Enhanced Security LV1
[Effect description] The time required before MS is captured is extended by 3 seconds.
[Affected units] Gundam Mk-II LV1, Mudrock LV1, etc.
■Explosive Handling Support LV1
[Effect description] Reduces the time required to set up and release a bomb by 2 seconds.
[Affected units] Zaku Minelayer LV1, Rick Dias LV1, etc.
With the new Modification element, you can unlock the cap of the enhancement value, therefore the number of units to be enhanced increases more than ever and the hangar of enhancement facility will be fully operational.
In the past, when pilots received War Medal from the monthly missions, it is possible to expand the hangar and increase the number of simultaneous unit enhancement. However, in order to make it possible to add more hangars, we will introduce the new highest war medal, the “Platinum Medal,” along with the introduction of the modification system.
■Highest War Medal, the “Platinum Medal”
Until now, the Gold Medal was the war medal with the highest bonus effect.
And now we have the “Platinum Medal” that exceeds both the bonus effect and the difficulty of acquisition of the Gold Medal.
It is obtained in the same way as other War Medals, which is awarded for the total number of monthly missions completed.
As mentioned in the <Developers Newsletter> when the War Medal is implemented, the purpose of introducing the War Medal in Battle Operation 2 is to strengthen the importance of our Free to Play title. It is further emphasized with the introduction of the “Platinum Medal.”
First of all, let’s review the benefits of the Platinum Medal.
The number and effect of “Encouragement” that allows you to share the bonus effect not only with yourself but also with other people has increased.
It is definitely worthy to be called the highest rank of the War Medal!
You might have noticed that you will also be able to get the new “Premium Login Bonus.”
■”Premium Login Bonus” that can only be obtained by those who have been awarded the Platinum Medal
The Premium Login Bonus can be obtained separately from the previous Login Bonuses.
The way to receive and the period for is the same as the regular login bonus, but the items you can get has changed significantly:
★ 1. “Mobile Suits”
As with the regular login bonus, the reward will be updated in three different times: early (between 1st and 10th), mid (between 11th and 20th), and late (between 21st and end of the month). However, you can always get one mobile suit in every period.
In addition, some mobile suits that have already been added to the supply drop, but cannot be exchanged with a recycle ticket, are also included. This will be a new way to obtain units in Battle Operation 2. (May include already exchangeable units)
★ 2. “Modification Kit”
You can also get the “Modification Kit” through the premium login bonus. Due to the high difficulty of obtaining the Platinum Medal, the number of modification kits you can get here is also high.
★ 3. “Tokens”
With the regular login bonus, if you already obtained the first 7 days of rewards, you will get “DP” everyday after the 8th day. In this case, you will get “Token” everyday after the 8th day.
*Similar to the regular login bonus, the number of days earned will reset at each early/mid/late timeline.
  • *Additional notes:
  • ・Renewal of monthly missions, acquisition of the Platinum Medal, and Premium Login Bonus will be available starting July 2020.
  • ・Please keep in mind that if you have already received the login bonus for the day you have met the conditions for earning the Platinum Medal, you can receive the Premium Login Bonus the day after you have been awarded the Platinum Medal.
■”GBO Days” from Thursday to Sunday of the first week of every month is even more POWERFUL!
“GBO Days” is where various campaigns are held simultaneously. It is the period that most pilots log in within a month, and it has been very well received!
It is scheduled to be held regularly so that new recruits, who are about to start playing Battle Operation, and returning pilots know when is the best time to play.
In order for Battle Operation 2 to continue, we are working hard to create an environment where new pilots can easily gather.
Therefore, this time, we will further improve the bonuses for new recruits and returning pilots, while still keeping the bonus elements of GBO Days until now!
★New Campaigns added to “GBO Days”
・New Recruits & Returning Pilots – The discovery rate of container rewards for the investigation team is 100% for 4 days! 
・Other pilots – The container discovery rate will increase +30% for 4 days if playing together with new recruits and returning pilots as allies or enemies!
In the hopes of making Battle Operation 2 a bigger community, I hope you can invite your friends and enjoy GBO Days together!
■Closing Words
June will be over soon, and July will arrive.
Speaking of July, yes! It is the ANNIVERSARY of BATTLE OPERATION 2!
Thank you to all the pilots, we have reached the 2nd anniversary!
Thank you so very much! I’m really happy!
Do you remember what I said in the newsletter after the 1st anniversary campaign was over?
I was saying this:
> Did you enjoy the 1st anniversary campaign?
> There are too much to thank for! I tried to express it as much as I could.
> It’s a once a year festival, so I’d like to make more festivals next year!
I can’t share the details yet, but we are preparing for it. Stay tuned for our second anniversary celebration!
(Development Director, Kanbe)