[Developer Newsletter] Regarding MAP Update in Late May 2020

■[PDT] 5/25/2020 2:00
 [CEST] 5/25/2020 11:00
With the current work from home situation, we will continue with our usual updates, hoping to provide as much enjoyment as possible.
It has been a while, this is Funatani.
Today I will share with you a new map called the “Derelict Colony,” an update scheduled for late May!
This is the first space map in about a year since Fortress Interior.
Before introducing “Derelict Colony,” first of all, I would like to talk about how we created the new map. When designing a new map, we try to make sure that it provides a unique experience differing from other maps.
The space maps so far are as follows:
Dark Space: Designed around a battlefield that takes advantage of the wide area and space that allows you to move in all directions
Resource Satellite: Designed around a battlefield that takes advantage of the narrow area and space that allows you to move in all directions
Fortress Interior: Designed around a battlefield that takes advantage of the closed area that allows you to “engage in ground battle” & “with the presence of a progression route”
The “Derelict Colony” to be introduced this time is designed around a battlefield that takes advantage of a closed space and a narrower vertical movement area, which provides “a more ground-based fighting method.”
We designed the map so that it is also a good choice for players who are inexperienced with hitting the target with bazookas and beam rifles in space battles. I will introduce the map below.
New Map: Derelict Colony
“Derelict Colony” is an abandoned colony where you can engage in battles between the collapsed buildings.
On the ceiling, you can see roads that used to be the colony grounds and some collapsed rubbles. It has an irregular appearance with buildings facing downward.
With a really narrow diagonal width and a maximum vertical height of 120m, it has a very cramped space and movement is really limited, making it the easiest space map to hit targets with ranged attacks as compared to the other space maps.
You can see a huge colony space on the bottom, which is very exciting! However, as we want to make the battle area in a small enclosed space, it is outside the area…
The overall size of the map is close to the City Ruins map, which had been our inspiration when creating the map.
There are in total 6 relay points, which is the most in space maps. However, there are few cases of scattered battlefield, in which we found during our test play that the most focused areas for engagement are the two areas around the central relay points.
Furthermore, the main battle area, which is the area around the central relay points has two layers, making the vertical width even narrower!
Bullets are certainly easy to hit, but melee attacks are also easy to hit. It is going to be chaotic, so it is very difficult to position yourself while considering the locale of enemies and allies.
As the structure has multiple levels, positions are easily misunderstood by just watching the radar, so it is very important to grasp the positions with actual visual as well.
As ceiling are closed, when you request MS via the relay points during respawn, MS will rise from the inside of the colony.
(I really like the picture below)
Since the relay point in the center is on the upper layer side of the second floor, you need to be careful because you won’t be able to get on your MS unless you pass through the hole near the relay point. (Please check the image below)
Also, similar to “Fortress Interior,” you “cannot request support” in “Derelict Colony.”
(The reason being is that there is a strong unfairness due to collision through beam attacks without any discrimination in an enclosed space)
The contents introduced this time are scheduled to be released on [PDT] 5/27/2020 22:00 (WED)/ [CEST] 5/28/2020 7:00 (THU).
With restricted movements, this new map allows you to battle close to ground battles such as using shields and going around blind spots.
If space combats are your cup of tea, please try this one out!
Although we are currently in a very difficult time, we hope that Battle Operation will be a place for everyone to strength together.
(Development Assistant Director, Funatani)