[Developer Newsletter] Regarding "Unit Adjustments" in May 2020

■[PDT] 5/22/2020 2:00
 [CEST] 5/22/2020 11:00
Hello Pilots!
How is everyone doing? This is Ota speaking, I’m in charge of unit and action for Battle Operation 2. Today I would like to discuss the various balance adjustments.
This time round, in addition to regular balance adjustment of units, we also made adjustments on the correction values of when units that do not have “Space” environment compatibility sortie into space.
■Adjusted Units
First of all, I would like to share with you the following unit adjustments.
  • ・Upgrades
  • ◎Gelgoog M Commander Type
    ◎Psycho Zaku [TB]
    ◎G-Line Full Custom
    ◎Hizack Custom
    ◎Full Armor Gundam Type B
    ◎Gelgoog High Mobility Type (UL) (Adjustment on LV2 only)
  • ・Downgrades
  • ◎Gouf Flight Test Type
    ◎Gouf Flight Type
  • ◎Skill: “Flight System” LV1-2
*As mentioned in the past “Developer Newsletter”, the basic policy is to conduct “balance adjustment by upgrades” based on the collected data.
*Adjustments are subject to change.
■Details of unit downgrades
◎Gouf Flight Test Type
The unit achieved 50% of the target from the previous adjustment, but as it exceeded the expected value, readjustment will be conducted.
Adjustment 1: Flight System performance reduction
During the use of Flight System, it provides advantages by allowing the possibility of aerial attacks.
Furthermore, as it also comes with reduction in damage reaction, the unit can keep continuing its action without falling down, which ultimately suppressed the loss in each stage as compared to other units.
In addition, the unit can make a lot of feints against enemy units, creating a very favorable situation to the team.
Seen from the opposing team’s perspective, taking down the flight system proved to be very difficult. To improve the enjoyment of the game, reaction will be made easier by the accumulation of damage to provide a sense of risk.
Adjustment 2: Unit performance reduction
As it has high attack power and low number of MS losses, adjustments will be made to the unit’s HP and attack power.
◎Gouf Flight Type
Even though this unit is a Raid unit, by using the Flight System, it has a high damage output on its ranged attacks.
In addition, it was possible to continue attacking stably without being cut off by Support units, and the winning rate exceeded Gouf Flight Test Type.
Adjustment 1: Flight System performance reduction
The same adjustments as Gouf Flight Test Type
Adjustment 2: Unit performance reduction
As mentioned above, even though it is a Raid unit, it has a high damage output in its ranged attacks.
Since high damage output with only ranged attack is different from what we intended, which is “a balance of ranged and melee attacks,” adjustments will be made to this unit with a significant reduction in ranged attack and return its originally intended method to operate this unit.
■Regarding reduction in differences due to the presence/absence of “Space” environment compatibility
Currently, units with “Space” environment compatibility have higher winning percentage than estimated value when engaging battles in Space maps.
The following are the current team winning percentage in Space maps.
<Winning percentage of units with and without “Space” environment compatibility>
◎”Space” environment compatibility (YES): Team win rate 52.4% (average)
◎”Space” environment compatibility (NO): Team win rate 50.3% (average)
The difference in winning percentage with and without the said factor is approximately 2%.
Of course, the difference in performance between units is also a factor, but one of the main contributing factors here is the high correction value of “Space” environment compatibility.
The following is the current correction values of units with and without the said compatibility.
<Current correction values on “Space” environment compatibility>
◎”Space” environment compatibility (YES): [Thruster Consumption] -48%, [Speed] +30%, [Turning Speed] +6, [High Performance Balancer]
◎”Space” environment compatibility (NO): [Thruster Consumption] -20%, [Speed] +20%

*Above correction values are applied when units sortied into space.
Although environmental correction values are given as a characteristic of the units, it is considered that the difference in the correction values has a significant effect on the winning percentage.
Therefore, adjustments will be made to reduce this difference.
The basic adjustment policy of Battle Operation 2 is by improvements, and because we want to retain the exhilaration of high speed battles, adjustments will be made only to units that does not have the “Space” environment compatibility with improvement on correction values when engaging battles in space.
The adjustments are as follows.
◎”Space” environment compatibility (YES): [Thruster Consumption] -48%, [Speed] +30%, [Turning Speed] +6, [High Performance Balancer]
◎”Space” environment compatibility (NO): [Thruster Consumption] -20% → -35%, [Speed] +20% → +25%

*No adjustments are made to units with “Space” environment compatibility.
■Regarding adjustments time
The adjustments will be made around end of May.
We will continue to make improvements based on collected information such as battle record data to create a fun and balanced game environment, regardless of which units you decide to use.
Although we are currently in a difficult situation, please take good care of your health!
Thank you for your continued support.
(Development team, Ota)