Notice regarding corrections to the issue where Clan Missions cannot be completed

■[PDT] 5/14/2020 22:00
 [CEST] 5/15/2020 7:00
Currently, we are aware that some users are having some issues in completing clan missions, therefore we will fix the issues as soon as possible.
■Confirmed Issues
・Even though the conditions to complete clan missions have been met and your “completed achievements” are counted,
there are cases where these achievements and missions are not shown as counted and completed.
By logging into Battle Operation 2 after [PDT] 5/14/2020 22:00/ [CEST] 5/15/2020 7:00, the completed missions count will be fixed.
For users who had this issue in the “previous/previous two” clan missions, the number of completed missions of the “previous/previous two” missions will also be fixed, and rewards will be reflected according to the number of completed missions.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to our pilots.