Notice Regarding the Resume of Clan Match

■[PDT] 5/6/2020 22:00
 [CEST] 5/7/2020 7:00
Regarding the “unstable network issue during clan match period” announced on 3/5/2020 (THU), this issue has been resolved and Clan Match will resume starting 5/10 (SUN).
We sincerely apologize for the long delay.
Please click HERE for the next Clan Match period and reward receiving period.
■About some fixes on Clan Match
In Clan Match, the results of battles between clans with similar average team ratings are reflected in the ranking.
Since searching of opponent is done within the limited time of 2 hours, if for some reason, there are more people leaving the room after matching is done, it will also affect the opponent team’s sortie chance.
Therefore, we decided that it is necessary to reduce the number of people leaving the room in clan match more than the usual rate, and repaired some systems.
・If your team’s average rating is “A+” or higher, adjustment has been made to match your team with an enemy team of similar strength.
・The Clan Match sortie room no longer displays ratings for all pilots.
・The penalty value for leaving the sortie preparation room during Clan Match and leaving during the battle have been increased.
(You will not be able to sortie in a clan match if your withdrawal penalty is PENALTY LV1 or higher)
■MS Rewards for Clan Match have been revamped!
The MS rewards for Clan Match will be revamped starting May 2020.
■New MS
・★★ GM Night Seeker II (For Ground/ Space Use. Cost: 250)
  • ■Mobile Suit features
  • ・Raid unit, Cost: 250
  • ・The successor to GM Night Seeker based on the changes to GM Light Armor.
  • ・With sufficient performance as a raid unit and appropriate use of its electronic performance, great battle results can be expected in maneuvering shootouts.
  • ・Utilizing its variety of ranged weapons, it is a dependable unit with high adaptability and battle continuation.
  • *With the update on the lineup, the “Clan Match Reward MS Acquisition Conditions” is reset.
    Please click HERE for more details.