[Developer Newsletter] Changes and Updates to Arctic Base

■ [PST] 2/25/2020 21:00
 [CET] 2/26/2020 6:00
I tried to use my house key to tap through the train station’s ticket gate. It’s been that kind of week.
It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? This is Funatani, and I’m doing just fine.
Cutting to the chase, today I’m sharing the latest information regarding the “New MAP: Arctic Base” update scheduled to be released in late February.
It has been almost 2 months since the announcement and early trial during the BATTLE OPERATION 2 offline event in Osaka in mid-December. Thank you very much for waiting!
New MAP: Arctic Base
Arctic Base is a map that appeared in the previous Gundam Battle Operation game, and this time we decided to include it again. “It seems that there are so many big maps so far, and there is no map that is easy to play with a small number of players”, “I want to play in a map that fits the situation”, “Hey Andy, winter is coming”, with those kind of feeling as the driving force, the new map will make its entrance in this update.
And of course, we have made improvements so that players can play on it more comfortably and it will provide different experiences here and there compared to the previous one!
Starting with the overall map design, it is divided into four sections by cargo transport bridges with the transport shuttle placed in the center.
The area is so narrow you can engage the enemy just 5 seconds into the game. This map is recommended for those who seek non-stop fighting in the battlefield.
In addition, as most of the bases are inside the main battlefield, you can return to the battlefield immediately after placing bombs.
Compared to other maps, it is easier to blow up a base, as the burden on your allies after placing a bomb is small, and fighting over a base will be more frequent.
To make it stress-free in accessing the slightly elevated area around the transport shuttle and the cargo transport bridges, slopes have been set in various places.
It is like the “Narrow version of City Ruins”.
With a battlefield diameter of roughly 700m, positioning will be fairly difficult as support units will be within firing range, cover points and the cargo transport bridges can be intercepted, and the slopes will make it easier than ever to engage the enemy.
The relay points for respawn were a bottleneck in the previous game and it used to make players respawn in places that made it hard to turn the situation around. This time, you will be respawned on top of the cargo transport bridge if you are in your team’s territory. On the other hand, if you are in enemy territory, you will be respawned on the snowfield. This is arranged to make it easy to reverse the situation in case of emergency.
■When respawning at your team’s relay point
■When respawning at enemy’s relay point
MAP Gimmick No.2
In the previous update, we implemented a MAP Gimmick where the battlefield changes over time, but in this update, we will implement a MAP Gimmick where the battlefield changes due to pilots’ actions.
To put it simply..
The transport shuttle in the center of Arctic Base map will break down as it takes damage!
This is something new that wasn’t implemented during Osaka’s BATTLE OPERATION 2 offline event.
Once it is destroyed, only some slightly raised debris remains, and the battlefield will change dramatically. In my opinion, it will be much easier to attack with raid units once it is destroyed.
In addition, the transport shuttle will explode when it is destroyed, and nearby MS will stagger as a result (but no damage is taken). Therefore, you and your team might get caught if you do not pay enough attention to the timing of its destruction.
The damage to the transport shuttle is treated the same as MS, so it is easy to destroy even with raid units. It may suddenly explode without you even noticing it if it is hit in the center, so you need to pay attention not only to the enemy MS’s HP bar, but also the transport shuttle’s HP bar in the center.
■Closing Words
The update is scheduled on [PST] 2/26/2020 (WED) 21:00/ [CET] 2/27/2020 (THU) 6:00.
We are preparing a big update for spring so that you can have even more fun in Battle Operation 2. We hope you enjoy the Arctic Base while waiting for spring.
– Development Assistant Director Funatani