[Development Newsletter] Regarding “3rd Rank Match results by unit category” and “unit adjustments”

■[PST] 1/19/2020 21:00
 [CET] 1/20/2020 6:00
Happy New Year, Pilots!

This is Ota speaking, Supervisor for Unit and Action related content.

Although it’s been a while since the 3rd Rank Match was held — I would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the Rank Match event!
Even though the rules are not that different from Rating Match, I think it gives us a different kind of tension during battles.
This time, I would like to share with you some statistics from the 3rd Rank Match and upcoming unit adjustments.

■Rank Match (3rd round) Results
・Sortie ratio by unit category
Unit Type Rank Match
(COST 500)
Rating Match
(All COST)
General 67.5% 67.9%
Support 21.1% 17.0%
Raid 11.4% 15.2%
*For reference, “Rating Match data from the last 30 days (all cost categories)” is also shown for comparison.
*Second decimal place is rounded. The above are the sortie ratios by each Unit Type.
When compared with the sortie ratio from Rating Matches, General and Support units had a higher number of sorties.
・Results by each Unit Type
Unit Type Team Win Rate
Score Assist
Pursuit Assist
All 50.0 2072.9 500.8 56229.8 2.8 3.0 8758.4
General 48.8 1984.9 477.2 52562.3 2.6 2.9 10045.8
Support 51.6 2177.0 579.7 61251.7 2.9 2.7 6006.0
Raid 49.9 2082.8 442.2 55827.1 2.9 3.4 10087.1
*Units with a small number of sorties are not included.
The following are some findings by each unit category.
In this Rank Match event (500 battles), Support Units had smaller number of sorties than General Units, but had the highest win rate.
One of the reasons is that there were a large number of General Units from categories with advantages on the battlefield, making it easier to obtain a higher score.
The win rate for Raid type Units was close to ideal.
Nevertheless, the number of sorties themselves was small, and there were units that were inferior when looked individually.
In high-cost battles, various factors such as high-speed movement and instantaneous firepower, which are the characteristics of an Raid Unit, tends to be overlooked. There are likely to be various factors, such as limited survivability before being able to reach enemy Support units, and limited opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. This will be considered for future adjustments.
・Units with high win rates used by top-ranking players
Ranking General Support Raid
1st Kämpfer LV2 Hildolfr LV2 Gundam Pixy LV3
2nd Rick Dias LV1 Gelgoog J LV2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 LV3
3rd Gundam Mk-II LV1 Full Armor Gundam LV2 Blue Destiny Unit 2 LV2
*Units with a small number of sorties are not included.
The above is a list of units with the highest win rates among the units used by top prize winners in Rank Match.
Regarding the Blue Destiny Unit 2 LV2, which has a lower cost than the others, the number of sorties was considerably smaller than other units. However, pilots who were accustomed to riding one was were more likely to sortie out with this unit, resulting in a higher win rate compared to other Raid Units.
That’s all for Rank Match statistics.
This time around, the results were obtained from a single map, which results in very limited data. However, we will use this result as our reference for future unit adjustments.
*Details for the next Rank Match will be announced as soon as the date and time are decided.
■Unit Adjustments
The following is information regarding unit adjustments planned in the near future.
In addition to the usual selection from units with prominently higher or lower statistic data compared to other units, we are also making corrections based on the result of the Rank Match.
  • <Support unit>
  • ◎Hildolfr
  • ◎Ground Assault Type Guntank
  • <General unit>
  • ◎Gouf Flight Test Type
  • ◎Zaku Desert Type *Adjustment on LV3-4
  • ◎Zudah F
  • ◎Powered GM *Adjustment on LV4 only
  • ◎Rick Dom II *Adjustment on ground type only
  • ◎Gelgoog High Mobility Type (VG) *Adjustment on LV3 only
  • <Support unit>
  • ◎Zaku I Sniper Type *Adjustment on LV3-5
  • ◎Dom Cannon Multi Gun Type
  • ◎Full Armor Gundam [Type B]
  • <Raid unit>
  • ◎Gundam Unit 5
  • ◎Gouf
  • ◎Gouf Custom
  • ◎Z’Gok
  • ◎Z’Gok-E
  • ◎Zudah *Adjustment on LV3-4
  • ◎Gundam G-3
■Adjustment Schedule
These changes are scheduled around the end of January.
■Details on Nerfs for unit 1: Hildolfr
Even though nerfs were done in the past, additional adjustments were necessary.

The following is some performance data and the adjustment details.

Team win rate (%) Acquired score Assist score Damage dealt
Hildolfr LV1 54.4 2144.0 546.8 62743.2
Avg. value of support unit (COST 400) 50.7 1982.8 550.0 55420.4
Hildolfr LV2 52.3 2088.0 455.3 60466.1
Avg. value of support unit (COST 450) 50.8 1975.0 476.2 54734.8
*Collected from match scores of players with rating [B] or higher
Hildolfr’s performance (damage and assist) exceeded expectations by far compared to other support units in the same cost range
Therefore, the following adjustments are made to suppress those score results.
Adjustment 1: Reduce Weapons Performance
Reviewed the parameters of the unit and each weapon, extended the cooldown period of the 30cm CANNON [HE] after firing.
In addition, reduced the power of 30cm CANNON [APFSDS] on the LV1 unit.
Adjustment 2: Reduce the performance of Smoke Discharger x2
With reload time of 25 seconds and a stealth time of 15 seconds, actual reload time ended up being 10 seconds.
Because the reload timer begins while while stealthed, attacking with stealth mode together with assault mode is one of the stronger and contributing factors in dealing damage, therefore we will make some adjustments to reduce the effectiveness of this tactic.
Adjustment 3:Reduce the movement speed in assault mode
In addition to the fact that Raid units already move quite quickly, this unit can transform into the assault mode longer than normal units can move in high-speed mode. This results to increase in attack frequency and damage dealt. To counterbalance this issue, each movement speed is reduced to narrow the gap and prevent this unit from being overpowered.
Adjustment 4:Adjustment to defense power
Since the win rate of the LV1 unit is particularly high, defense power has been downgraded for the LV1 unit.
■Details on the nerfs for unit 2: Ground Assault Type Guntank
This unit has various high scores including a high win rate, which is why we have planned some revisions.
The adjustments are similar to Hildolfr as they share many common points in performance and the ability to transform.
Team win rate (%) Acquired score Assist score Damage dealt
Ground Assault Type Guntank LV1 54.5 2167.6 575.0 64011.8
Avg. value of support unit (COST 400) 50.7 1982.8 550.0 55420.4
Ground Assault Type Guntank LV2 53.2 2273.9 628.4 63941.8
Avg. value of support unit (COST 450) 50.8 1975.0 476.2 54734.8
*Collected from match scores of players with rating [B] or higher
Adjustment 1: Reduce Weapons Performance
This is a similar adjustment to Hildolfr.
Reduced the damage output of 220mm SMOOTHEBORE CANNON [APHE]
Adjustment 2: Reduced the performance of Smoke Discharger x2
Adjustment 3: Reduced the movement speed in assault mode
Adjustment 4: Adjustment to defense power
Adjustments 2-4 are similar to the adjustments to Hildolfr.
*Fundamentally, our policy is to “balance the game by buffs” based on collected data. However, nerfs will be implemented in the event that data shows a unit is too powerful.
*Details of the adjustments will be explained in later date.
*Adjustments are subject to change.
■To Conclude
Although this time nerfs to Hildolfr and Ground Assault Type Guntank are in the list of necessary adjustments, our fundamental policy of unit adjustments is balancing through buffs. If a unit is found to be over OR under-performing, we will make necessary adjustments to bring them in line.Also, we will pay close attention to the balance between unit types in each cost range, and will continue to look out for units that perform well, but don’t get picked for sorties very often.
In this way, we hope to create an environment in which each unit type is well-balanced, and where players feel they have plenty of viable options.
That would be all. We look forward to your continued support on Battle Operation 2.
- Development team, Ota