Note of a Symptom that occurred when joining a Clan of level 101 or higher

■[PST] 1/29/2020 21:00
 [CET] 1/30/2020 6:00
We will share information regarding the countermeasure on a symptom that has been confirmed on 11/1/2019 (FRI), where an unexpected behavior occurred when a pilot joins a clan of level 101 or higher.
When joining a clan with a clan level above 100, the supposedly unobtainable level-up rewards are obtained.
The clan level-up rewards are essentially obtainable limited to each level-up when a pilot is enlisted in the clan.
However, up until [PST] 10/31/2019 (THU) 4:30 / [CET] 11/1/2019 (FRI) 13:30,
pilots who newly joined a level 100 or higher clan also received over level 100 rewards even when they were not enlisted when the clan leveled up.
For example: Newly joined a level 110 clan ⇒ received 10 levels of rewards from level 101 to 110.
■About the countermeasure
To “all our pilots who have received multiple level-up rewards” affected by the above-mentioned symptom, we will sequentially withdraw the level-up rewards that were originally unobtainable via “Update file ver.0122” distributed on 1/30/2020 (THU).
Regarding the method of withdrawal, it will be deducted from upcoming obtainable clan level-up rewards. Until the presumed number of acquired rewards has been fully withdrawn, clan level-up rewards will not be granted.
Pilots who fall under the above will receive a message “You have earned the following clan leveling rewards.” along with the details on the rewards when accessing the clan terminal upon level up.
  • * Even when exiting the game without saving and the above message reappears when you access the terminal, please note that the level-up rewards are not duplicated.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to our pilots.
■Regarding the acts of “intentionally abusing” unexpected behaviors
In Battle Operation 2, the acts of “intentionally abusing” any unexpected behavior in the game to gain advantages over other pilots are strictly prohibited as stated in the Terms of Service.
For example: The act of illegally obtaining level-up rewards by joining and leaving level 100 or higher clans multiple times in an abnormal rate
Please note that if you are found doing any activity that violates the Terms of Service, your account may be suspended without any prior notice.
To create an environment where all our customers can enjoy and have a pleasant time playing Battle Operation 2, we appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.