[Clan Match Beta Test] Overview

■[PST] 11/27/2019 21:00
 [CET] 11/28/2019 6:00
“Clan Match Beta Test” will begin!
  • ■Clan Match Beta Test Period
  • [PST] 11/29/2019 (FRI) 3:00 ~ 11/29/2019 (FRI) 4:59 [SCHEDULED]
  • [PST] 11/29/2019 (FRI) 12:00 ~ 11/29/2019 (FRI) 13:59 [SCHEDULED]
  • ■Clan Match Beta Test Rewards Delivery Period
  • [PST] 11/29/2019 (FRI) 5:30 ~ Clan match opening [SCHEDULED]
  • [PST] 11/29/2019 (FRI) 14:30 ~ Clan match opening [SCHEDULED]
  • ■Clan Match Beta test regulations
Rules 「Basic」
COST 「Unrestricted」
MAP 「Impact Site」
Target rating 「Ground」
Participants No. 「6 vs 6」
  • ■What is Clan Match
  • A weekly short-term ranking event between “clans” in “P.M.U.”
  • • With rules set for each event where “CMP (clan match points)” are obtained through competition.
  • The ranking of entire clan depends on CMP earned and all clan members can earn special rewards by reaching higher ranking.
  • ■How to participate in Clan Matches
  • 1. Enter the briefing room by choosing “Events” -> “Clan Match” at sortie counter during the clan match period.
  • *You can enter the room at any time during the clan match period.
  • *Pilots who have just joined a clan during the clan match, will not be able to participate.
  • *Pilots who have a status of [PENALTY Lv1] or higher won’t be able to participate.
  • 2. After entering the briefing room, invite your clan members via invitation menu.
  • *The number of invites is limited to half the number of participants set for the room.
    If it is 6v6 room, you can invite only up to 5 players, excluding yourself.
  • *Pilots who have just joined a clan during the clan match, will not be able to participate.
  • 3. Removing the private setting after invitations have been sent will start the matchmaking with another clan.

  • *Private settings cannot be canceled unless half the number of participants are available in the room.
  • *Matching will not occur with another group of the same clan.
  • *Matchmaking is based on the average ranking of clan members in the group.
  • 4. “CMP (Clan Match Points)” can be earned after the Clan Match.
  • The CMP earned is determined by the following criteria.
“5% of team score” from battle is turned to CMP
  • • Example)Team score is 12000 ⇒ 5% of which is 600CMP earned
・Following amount is obtained depending on match results:
  • Victory:+300CMP
  • Loss:+100CMP
  • Draw:+200CMP
・CMP can be earned based on the average rating of enemy clan members
A+ :+300CMP
A :+200CMP
A- :+150CMP
B+ :+100CMP
B- ~ B :+50CMP
C- ~ C+ :+25CMP
D- ~ D+ :+0CMP
Example of CPM obtained by the above three items:
Team Score :12000 = 600CMP
Match Result : Win = 300CMP Total = 1,000CMP obtained
Enemy average rating : B+ = 100CMP
  • *The maximum value of CMP that can be earned by team score is “+1,000 CMP.”
  • 5. The value of CMP possible during the clan match period is determined by the top 3 battles within that period.
  • Regardless of how much CMPs you earn, only the top 3 battles will be accumulated to the ranking.
  • ■Regarding the ranking system
  • Clan match rankings are available for clan matches.
  • ⇒ You can check your ranking via H.A.R.O. -> Database -> “Clan Match” Ranking.
■Clan Match Overall Ranking

The following is the ranking table, listing clan’s rank and CMP “Clan Match Points”.
The top 100 ranked clans are displayed in the overall ranking table.

  • *Please note that updates to the ranking list may be delayed.
  • ■Clan Match Reward
  • As a commemoration, clan match flag will be rewarded with a new MS before any other clans.
  • In addition, all the member of the TOP 3 clans will be rewarded with a new MS before any other clans.
◎Rank Match Flag
A Clan Match Flag will be rewarded as an honor to the clans that reach the top rank of the Clan Match Overall Ranking.
Clan Match Flags acquired will be displayed on the clan search results screen.
*The number of Clan Match Flags acquired can be seen on the Clan’s terminal.
◎Advance acquisition of new MS
A brand-new MS will be given to all the member of the clan which placed 1st to 3rd in the Clan Match Overall Ranking.
As we will continue to provide new MS as Clan Match rewards, previously awarded MS will become available for more pilots to acquire them.
  • *This time round of Clan Match (beta test), “Clan Match Flag” will be presented as the reward, according to the ranking result.
  • Please take note that MS reward is also included as the reward during this event.
  • *The new MS that will be given as the reward for Clan Match will be released on the Supply Drop after a certain period of time.
  • *Clan match rewards can only be received by members who have joined the clan before the clan match period started.