Note of "HADES-E Ability Boost"

■[PDT] 10/18/2019 2:30
 [CEST] 10/18/2019 11:30
Regarding Pale Rider Cavalry that was newly added to the Supply Drop on Thursday, October 17th 2019, it was confirmed that there was an typo in the skill description of “HADES-E Ability Boost.”
“HADES-E” is an ability that suppresses the increase in parameters more than “HADES”, but the skill description in the game states that “the decrease in parameters has been suppressed” which is wrong.
*Both “HADES-E” and “HADES” have same decrease in parameters.
*The skill description within game is incorrect and the description from the “Supply Drop Lineup Update” from Thursday, October 17th 2019, is correct.
Correct:The simplified version of “HADES” with reduced variable parameters fluctuations.
Incorrect:The simplified version of “HADES” which the increase and decrease in parameters are suppressed (in-game skill description)
Originally the increase/decrease in the parameters when “HADES-E” is activated was adjusted to be less than that of “HADES.”
Parameters decrease ratio for both “HADES-E” and “HADES” have been adjusted at same level, but skill description of “HADES-E” has been remained.
■Future correspondence
The in-game skill description of “HADES-E” will be corrected in the next update.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.