Update File ver.0115 Release 8/29

■2019/08/29 14:00
■Ranked Match Notice
The 2nd Ranked Match is scheduled to be held in September 2019.
■The 2nd Ranked Match Entry Period
Starting from 2019/9/5 (THU) 14:00 <JST> [Scheduled]
■The 2nd Ranked Match Period
2019/9/16 (MON) 10:00 <JST> – 2019/9/23 (MON) 4:59 <JST> [Scheduled]
*More details regarding the regulations and rewards for the 2nd Ranked Match will be announced on a later date.
  • [Completed Clan Missions Ranking] which displays the top 3 clan members who have completed the most clan missions has been implemented.
  • ⇒ The ranking of the top 3 clan members among the clan you have joined based on the number of the clan missions completed will be displayed.
  • *If a clan member who hasn’t applied the Update File ver. 0115 enters the top 3 in the Completed Clan Missions Ranking, the image of the member’s MS may not be displayed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • ⇒ Clan missions, which are released each week, are missions that can be challenged by all clan members,
    while the Completed Clan Missions Ranking is based on the clan missions completed by each member.
  • ⇒ You can confirm your current ranking, your ranking from last time and the time before last time, and the number of clan missions completed by you on the H.A.R.O.>Clan screen.
  • ◎When you received an invite from a clan, the latest invite was originally displayed at the bottom, but now it is displayed at the top.
  • ◎When the invites from the clan exceeded the maximum number, the newest invite would be deleted. Now, the invites are deleted from the oldest.
  • ◎Now you can use the left and right buttons to turn pages on the Clan Member List and the Clan search results screen.
  • ◎Now, when you use the clan terminal to edit the clan profile, the text you have set will be displayed on the onscreen keyboard.
  • ◎When you edit member comment on the H.A.R.O.>Clan screen, the text you have previously set will be displayed on the onscreen keyboard.
  • ◎When you receive a clan entry request from a blocked player, a warning will be displayed.
  • ⇒ If you accept the clan entry request, the blocked player’s online ID will be displayed in red.
  • ◎From now on, if you are deemed to be causing an excessive obstruction in battles, you will be ejected from the battle.
  • ⇒ In battles, if you have been excessively hindering your team, you will be deemed abandoning the fight and ejected from the battle.
  • ⇒ Repeatedly abandoning the fight will lower your Disconnect Rating and incur a penatly.
  • *There will be no such detection and ejection from the battle in Custom Matches.
  • *If a player keeps causing excessive obstructions after receiving the warning from detection, the game’s management team might, after judgment, stop the player’s account from playing the game without prior notice in order to provide other players a smooth experience.
  • The time limit in which players [Cannot Sortie] has been doubled for players with Disconnect Rating [PENALTY LV1] or above.
  • ◎If you reach [PENALTY LV1] or above due to your Disconnect Rating, when you create a room in a Custom Match, a dialogue saying that you are “Unable to Create Room” will be displayed.
  • ⇒ If you reach PENALTY LV1 or above, you will not be able to create room in Custom Matches.
  • ◎When your MS is enhanced due to receiving duplicated materials, the enhancement unlocked can now be confirmed on the material acquiring screen.
  • ◎Entries about the system and the world view of the Battle Operation 2 are added to the in-game Tips displayed in the Briefing Room.
  • ⇒ Content of some of the Tips added:
  • ・System
  • Hangar①
  • The facility that can increase the performance of the MS. The performance that can be enhanced varies with each MS.
  • Skill: Fake Beacon①
  • Within the range, your marker will appear as an ally on enemy radar fooling the enemy. The range of effect increases as the level increases.
  • ・World View
  • Tenda①
  • Oct. 9 is her birthday. She’s 15. Her full name is Tenda Begin.
  • Oldem⑤
  • Wants to take a day off on a rainy day.
Adjusted various parameters.  *For more details please click HERE.
    • Total Indiv. Ranking has been added to the battle results screen.
    • ⇒ Total Indiv. Ranking will now be displayed on the [Vs. Rival] of the battle result screen in Rated Matches/Ranked Matches.
  • ⇒ Your Total Indiv. Ranking is based on comparing the sum of your rankings in each category to that of other members who have sortied.
  • ◎The thumbnail of the [Mountain] map has been updated.
  • ⇒ The thumbnail of the Mountain displayed in the Sortie Counter and the Briefing Room has been updated in accordance with the latest map.
    • ◎The module of [Commando Shield], the sub weapon for the GM Custom and the GM Cannon II, was updated.
    • ◎Collision detection for shoulders of the [Dra-c] and the [Dra-C Custom] has been adjusted in accordance with appearance.
    • ◎Collision detection for the [Z’gok]’s melee weapon [Arm Punch] during normal attacks and right melee attacks has been adjusted in accordance with appearance.
    • ◎Collision detection for the [Dom Cannon Multi Gun Type]’s melee weapon [Blow] has been adjusted in accordance with appearance.
    • ◎Now when you open the H.A.R.O. screen at the Briefing Room, if a blocked player enters the same Briefing Room, the Member List on the right of the screen will pop up.
  • ◎The base camp has been returned to normal state.
  • ◎Now you can use the left and right buttons to turn pages at the Rewards Center.
  • ◎The notation “JST” has been added to all times and dates displayed in the game . *JST = Japan Standard Time
  • ◎If you select the checkbox for [Use × Button for Enter] under (Settings) > [System] on your PlayStation®4, you will be able to use the × button for the “Enter” operation in the game.
■Application Data Updates
■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Newly Added Units
  • ★★★Heavy Gundam LV1
  • ★★Slave Wraith LV1
  • ■Newly Added Custom Parts
  • ★★Anti-Melee Armor LV4
  • ★★Anti-Live Ammo Armor LV4
  • ★★Anti-Beam Armor LV4
  • ★★Auxiliary Generator LV3
  • *The materials mentioned above will definitely be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from Thursday, August 29 to Friday, August 30 (JST).
  • ■Newly Added Pattern
  • ★★★Turtle Shell Print HG
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Newly Added Unit
  • ★★Hy-Gogg LV2
■Supply Drop Lineup Update  *For more details please click HERE.
■Some materials have been removed from the lottery lineup.  *For more details please click HERE.
■Weekend Battle Schedule This Week
Weekend Battle Schedule <JST> Special Rule
2019/08/30 (FRI) 4:00  – 2019/08/31 (SAT) 3:59  Target Shuffling
2019/08/31 (SAT) 4:00 – 2019/09/01 (SUN) 3:59  Simple Battle
2019/09/01 (SUN) 4:00 – 2019/09/02 (MON) 3:59  Target Shuffling
■Bug Fixes
    • ◎Battle
    • ・Fixed: In Ace Matches and Target Shuffling, the 10-second countdown sound effects right before the end of the battle were not played properly.
    • ・Fixed: In Simple Battle, sometimes the operator voice messages that didn’t match with the game rules were played.
    • ・Fixed: When under specific counter attacks, the camera movements were unnatural.
    • ・Fixed: When your unit came into contact with a slope on a Ground Map, sometimes you were unable to perform an emergency evasion.
    • ・Fixed: When capturing an enemy MS on a Space Map, the pop-up display indicating that you were unable to dock a skiure was not displayed.
    • ・Fixed: On Space Maps, when your unit’s back was damaged, your Ascent speed and Descent speed did not decrease.
    • ・Fixed: On Space Maps, when your back was damaged while you were moving, if you keep moving, your movement did not slow down.
    • ・Fixed: On the Battle Result screen, sometimes you were praised by the same player twice.
    • ・Fixed: On the Battle Result screen, the score on the result screen was different from the score right before the battle ended.
    • ・Fixed: When you were attacked under certain circumstances, the [Fall Prevention System] skill did not take effect.
    • ・Fixed: When using the [Airborne Control Program LV2] skill while performing high speed movement or jumping again in the air, once you used the Vulcan or other weapons, you would not be able to perform high speed movement in the air after using the weapon.
    • ・Fixed: When using the [Airborne Control Program LV2] skill or high grounds and so forth to perform high speed movement, when you stopped moving in the air, the leg overload gauge would go up.
  • ◎Map
  • ・Fixed: On the [Impact Site] map, the Gelgoog-type MS would get stuck in the buildings near Waypoint Base C.
  • ・Fixed the unnatural detection on the [Impact Site] map.
  • ・Fixed the places where the unit would get stuck when moving in a Wappa on the [Port Base] map.
  • ・Fixed: The pilot was able to enter inaccessible places on the [Tropical Desert] map.
  • ・Fixed the unnatural detection on the [Mountain] map.
  • ・Fixed: On the [Deserted City] map, players were able to climb the buildings which should be impossible to climb.
  • ・Fixed: On the [Resource Satellite] map, when a bazooka or any other weapon that could create a blast was used, sometimes the background was broken.
  • ・Fixed a hollow where detection was unnatural near Waypoint Base D on the [Space Fortress Interior] map.
  • ・Fixed: On the [Space Fortress Interior] map, when you moved into certain locations, the screen became darker.
  • ◎Clan
  • ・Fixed: When you entered a character string that cannot be used while searching by clan tag, an unnatural dialogue would be displayed.
  • ・Fixed: In the base camp, a clan tag of another clan instead of your clan tag was displayed in your online ID.
  • ・Fixed: In the base camp, players were able to access the clan terminal when being outside of the clan facility.
  • ・Fixed: When you entered the Create Clan screen from the clan camp, sometimes Adomin Granzman’s voice was not played.
  • ・Fixed: When you received a new clan invite upon accepting/rejecting an older clan invite, the invite(s) that you did not select would be deleted
  • ・Fixed: When you were confirming profile from [Manage Member] in the clan terminal, the sound effects were not played properly.
  • ◎Paint
  • ・Fixed the parts where [SPECULAR] and [HIGHLIGHT] could not be properly displayed for the [Gunner Gundam] on the Paint screen.
  • ・Fixed: On the Paint screen, the painted parts of the [Gundam GP03 Stamen] did not flicker properly.
  • ・Fixed: On the Paint screen, the color of the GM Sniper II [White Dingo] was unnatural.
  • ・Fixed: When opening the Paint screen under certain circumstances, avatars in the lobby would be reflected in the screen.
  • ◎Unit
  • ・Fixed: The weapons of the [Gundam GP03 Stamen] were displayed in unnatural positions under certain circumstances.
  • ・Fixed: When the [Z’gok]’s sub weapon [Heat Sword] came into close contact with the enemy MS, sometimes its attacks would not hit
  • ・Fixed: After a pilot placed the MS on top of the [Magella Attack] or other vehicles and performed an emergency escape, the MS would remain standing and could not be boarded or captured.
  • ◎Network
  • ・Fixed: In group matchmaking, sometimes the invited members were assigned to the rival team.
  • ・Fixed: When you chatted in the Briefing Room, sometimes your messages would be sent to players in the lobby.
  • ・In Custom Matches or other matches, “USER NAME” on the Member List has been changed to “ONLINE ID”.
  • ◎Tutorial
  • ・”Exploring the base camp STEP3/9″ in the first time tutorial has been corrected in accordance with the current user environment.
  • ・Fixed: In the first time tutorial, pressing the x button repeatedly would cause some guide content to be closed before being displayed.
  • ◎Others
  • ・Fixed the typos in the Tips in the Briefing Room in Simple Battle.
  • ・Fixed: When you were not equipped with any Custom Parts, conducting certain procedures would cause the “△Remove” icon to be displayed.
  • ・Fixed: In the Hangar, Leona Lucraft sometimes spoke her lines at unnatural timings.
  • ・The sound effects of the “High altitude fireworks” emoticon were played from the pilot. Now the sound effects have been corrected to be played from the fireworks.
  • ・Fixed: In Database>Playdata>Detailed Data, the unit of [Defused Bombs] in the Basic Match was not displayed.
  • ■Updating Application Data
  • Launch MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 from PlayStation®4’s home screen.
    The latest version will be downloaded automatically if you are connected to the Internet.
  • After the update is completed, [ver. info] on the upper right corner of [H.A.R.O.] will update as well.
    Should [ver. info] remain the same, please try again in a little while.
    In addition, players with a different [ver. info] will not be matched with each other.
  • *Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The actual game has been localized into English.
  • *Information posted here has been made public as of August 29, 2019.