Anniversary Campaign ⑤ Returning Soldier Campaign Details

■2019/07/20 17:00
To celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of the game, the [Returning Soldier Campaign] will be held starting Thursday, July 25, 2019.
■Campaign Period
2019/07/25 (THU) 14:00 <JST> – 2019/08/29 (THU) 13:59 <JST> [Scheduled]
■Campaign Details
Within the period, the base rewards for the pilots who have not logged into Battle Operation 2 for 45 days or more will be increased to 3 times the original rewards.
Also, the Clan Points (CP) for those pilots will be increased to 5 times the original CP.
Moreover, when combined with the DAILY BONUS, the base rewards will be increased to up to 8 times, and CP will be increased to up to 10 times.
  • *Screenshot shown is from the Japanese version. The actual game has been localized into English.
  • *Information posted here has been made public as of July 20, 2019.