[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of June

■[PDT] 06/25/2024 02:00
■[CEST] 06/25/2024 11:00
■First of all,
Greeting, pilots! This is Ishii from Development and I’m writing you all this month’s Developer Newsletter!
Finally, it is here… Paris 2024 Olympics is starting next month after whole 4 years!
We will see players in front of La tour Eiffel, Palace and Park of Versailles and even other World Heritage Sites, fighting for their own medals!
Sheesh, I wish I can be there, watching the games and sightseeing in one single trip!
Oh, talking about the event, we finally get it back, the GBO Offline event is back!!
The last was in Osaka 2019 which is before Olympics Japan, and we wait to meet our delighted pilots and have some conversations!
Another exciting news, this is just the first one, we are planning other offline events in the future and will announce it once it planned!
Let’s jump into this month’s update information.
“6th Anniversary Pre-event” approach!
We did talk about this one in the video letter but please let me make a reminder here,
“6th Anniversary Pre-event” will start from [JST] 06/27/2024 major update until 07/25/2024.
Special Supply Drops for custom parts and even our symbolic FREE Supply Drop, also new added materials in Recycle Counter, limited special missions blablablabla… Well, Check it out that day!
※You may watch the video letter here.
■New MS “FA Unicorn Gundam”!
This time, the final mission customized Unicorn Gundam, “FA Unicorn Gundam” from Mobile Suit Gundam UC is coming to the battlefield!
We have a detailed MS PV for you all!
<Unit features>
・To prepare for a decisive battle over Laplace’s Box, this Unicorn Gundam’s specs were enhanced by hastily equipping it with reserve weaponry.
・The Unicorn Gundam faced challenges in prolonged battles due to its performance and weapon configuration.
Because of this, it originally required an escort unit to operate, which aided “Newtype Hunters” in the destruction of Newtype weapons.
・For improved capabilities in prolonged combat, this unit was equipped with an abundance of additional weaponry, including Hyper Bazookas, Beam Gatling Guns, and Anti-Ship Missile Launchers.
FA Unicorn Gundam is also equipped with multiple defensive weapon which is attached the I-field generators, dramatically improving its defensive capabilities.
・Although two large boosters were connected to maximize deployment time, they were detached relatively early due to the large area exposed to attack, and it disconnected them and continued into battle without them.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
  • <Weapons and skills>
  • ◎Sub-weapon “Beam Gatling Gun x4”
  • ・A beam gatling gun with machine gun properties.
  • ・Pressing the Reload button with heat gauges at 100% removes the limiter, temporarily altering weapon performance.
  • ・Boosting fire power.
  • ・Boosting fire range.
  • ・Firing without charging the heat gauges.
  • Also Gatling Gun will stop firing once deactivating the limiter and get overheated for a long period of time after the effect time.
  • ◎Skill “NT-D: Resonance Ability Boost LV1”
  • ・Press the touch pad button when drops to a certain HP to activate skill.
  • ・Boosting attack power.
  • ・Fully recovered ranged weapon ammo and heat gauges, instantly finish reload action and overheat as soon as skill is activated.
  • ・NT-D skills become usable for friendly units within range as soon as skill is activated as well.
    If NT-D is already in effect, time till Awaken occurs will be reduced.
  • While the skill is in effect, the MS HP will be damaged at regular intervals.
  • ◎Skill “Awaken Ability Boost LV3”
  • ・Activate the skill by pressing touch pad once NT-D: Resonance Ability Boost has been active for a set period.
  • ・Allies in the radar range when skill activates will be boosted the attack power for a period.
    Recovering all body parts HP (head, back, legs) for all allies in the radar range and clearing debuffs including incendiary effect.
  • ・Shorten ranged weapons reload and overheat time.
  • ・Nullify enemies’ Psycommu disabling effect.
■MAP adjustment
Only a part of it was introduced in the video letter, but let we go through these again.
◎Underground Base
Adjustment①: Brightness
The environment was made slightly darker to represent the underground map, but we have received a bunch of feedback that effects such as explosions and beams are too bright and cause stress on the eyes, so we have adjusted the brightness.
Adjustment②: Improved accessibility of surfacing from water
There were cases where it is difficult to climb from the canals to the ground, so we have added four places which can be climbed to access the ground much easier.
Adjustment①: Brightness
The environment setting was slightly darker because of the motif of trench warfare in bad weather, but the overall brightness was adjusted to improve visibility and make the game much playable.
Adjustment②: Change east and west high grounds to ramp.
The high ground is powerful firing position for MS possessing long-range armaments which is located to both east and west side.
Furthermore, in front of this hill, it had a cliff that could easily block the projectile, making it an advantageous position in a very defensible terrain.
For this reason, the cliff part of the hill was modified into a ramp shape to make it easier for both offensive and defensive projectiles to fly through.
Adjustment③: Adjusted covers and other shielding in the center of the MAP
In the center of the MAP, there were too few barriers to cut off the line of fire, making the terrain difficult to penetrate for both sides, so new barriers such as debris were placed.
◎Impact Site
Adjustment①: Changed the shape of the walls in front of both sides
Impact Site has a relatively small combat area, and the MAP is prone to battles near both bases.
However, when one side base was surrounded by enemies, the terrain made it easy for the enemy to take the high ground near the base, making it difficult to turn the table.
So we have adjusted both surrounding area to improve this problem.
Adjustment②: New attack points against the backdoor behind the bases
In addition, terrain has been added near the base which can be used by the defenders to hide.
■MS adjustment
◎Some of the “Space only MS” can now deploy to the ground as well.
In the past, the Super Gundam and Gundam GP04 have been able to sortie on the ground, and now the following space-only units will be able to launch on the ground as well.
While we have adjusted them possible to ground sortie, but those skills only affect on ground MAP will not work in space.
  • ■Adjusted MS
  • ・Gundam GP01Fb
  • ・Rick Dom II (GH)
  • ・Pale Rider [Space Type]
  • ・GM Cannon [Space Assault Type]
  • ・Zaku Minelayer
■Mew materials in Recycle Counter
We are now adding ★4MS and custom part which you can get from Supply Drop as a bonus to the Recycle Counter.
  • ■MS
  • ・Kshatriya LV1
  • Features
  • It combines the high firepower funnels which can irradiate the target and various shooting weapons, also with the defensive performance of large multi-purpose binders.
  • ・Sinanju LV1
  • Features
  • Benefitted by the skill the “High Speed Mobile Shooting”, it can make ranged attacks which can even disable Maneuver Armor while moving at high speeds.
  • ■Custom part
  • ・Overtuning (Melee) LV1
  • Effect
  • Increases melee damage to enemies by 3%.
    Adds an additional 3% per unit level.
    Bonus for multiples of part cap at 12%.
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at Recycle Counter, from [JST] 06/27/2024 – 07/25/2024.
Grab this chance if you still don’t have these goodies!
And these past event limited bonus MSs are also added to the Recycle Counter!
  • ■MS
  • ・Char’s Gelgoog LV1
  • Features
  • Excels a great hit-and-run strategy by utilizing two melee weapons and high mobility after activating the “EX Boost” skill.
  • ・GM Command LA LV1
  • Features
  • It has an easy-to-handle armaments and is a highly versatile unit that can also be used to maintain the frontline.
  • ・GM [Gatheroad Type] LV1
  • Features
  • Two types of beam spray guns can provide medium-range suppressing fire as a support MS.
  • ※The materials mentioned above will be available at Recycle Counter for 2 days, from [JST] 06/27/2024 – 06/28/2024.
■Function modification
◎New added radar range display function
To make it easier to determine the distance to the target, the radar now displays line scales at every 100m radius.
Some pilots may prefer to keep the familiar radar display and the default setting is OFF.
You can turn it on by H.A.R.O. > Options > Others > Radar Range Display to change the setting according to your preference.
■Last but not least,
This update will be applied at [PDT] 06/26/2024 22:00 / [CEST] 06/27/2024 07:00.
We hope you will like these updates.
That’s all for the Developer newsletter.
Lets meet in the battlefield.
(Development: Ishii)