"6th Anniversary Pre-event" Special Mission [Round 1]

■[PDT] 06/24/2024 04:30
■[CEST] 06/24/2024 13:30
Starting from [PDT] 06/26/2024 / [CEST] 06/27/2024, Special Mission [Round 1] will begin.
[PDT] 06/26/2024 22:00 – 07/10/2024 21:59 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 06/27/2024 07:00 – 07/11/2024 06:59 [Scheduled]
We have a special mission for you during the period.
You will have a chance to gain rewards by completing the special mission during the campaign.
■Mission rewards
・★★ Zaku II FS (SM) LV4 (Raid unit, ground only cost: 450)
・★★ Agg [ML] LV3–4  (Raid unit, ground only cost: 300–)
■Custom part
  • ・Melee Specialized Program LV1
  • Increases melee-attack damage dealt to enemy unit by 5%.
    However, ranged-attack damage dealt to enemy is reduced by 3%.
    Reduce HP by 500.
  • ・Sunglasses: Wild 01
■Other reward
  • ・30 ★ – ★★★ Mechanic Tickets each
  • ※Unlike daily missions, you don’t have to complete all of them in one day.
    The achievement status will be carried over to the next day during the period
  • ※The details of the missions and their achievement status can be found in the “Missions”→ “Limited” under the H.A.R.O. menu.
  • ※Rewards can be received from the Rewards Center.