[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of May

■[PDT] 05/28/2024 02:00
■[CEST] 05/28/2024 11:00
■First of all,
Greeting, pilots! This is Nakagawa from Development and I’m writing you all this month’s Developer Newsletter!
Golden week is gone, June is coming closer.
Which means rain season ahead, most likely I may lock myself in the room for GBO2 and then lacking to do exercise, just like some past years…
By the way, the Gundam 45th Anniversary event “GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE – ROAD TO 2025 -“ are going hot recently,
Hmm, I should take a walk to see how it is going there, for my own good!
There are event hall in all 47 prefectures, so if you are visiting Japan, don’t miss the chance feel free to come by!
※GUNDAM NEXT FUTURE – ROAD TO 2025 – Official site (only in Japanese)
Let’s cut to the chase, here are some update information for all of you.
■New MS “Atlas Gundam (BC) [TB]”!
First, a new MS introduction!
A cost 600 new raid MS “Atlas Gundam (BC) [TB]” from “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt” is now joining GBO2!
In the original story, it was characterized by large thrusters and two large shields of the same type as the Bull G [TB] equipped in place of the sublegs.
For your information, BC are the initials of the pilot, Bianca Carlyle.
<Unit features>
・This is a variant of the Atlas Gundam [TB], modified for space combat and piloted by the head of the Trust Squad–Bianca Carlyle.
・Jet nozzles are equipped throughout the unit as well, providing remarkable mobility similar to the original model.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
  • <Weapons and skills>
  • ◎Sub-weapon “Rail Gun [Max Output] [TB]”
  • ・Rail gun tuned for use as a sub weapon.
  • ・Must stop to fire, but penetrates MS, and causes long suppression on hit.
    Damage dealt increases the greater the enemy’s remaining HP.
  • ◎Skill “Pursuit Prevention ATK Program LV1”
  • ・When an enemy unit’s pursuit against a ally unit is stopped, the following effects occur for a certain period of time.
  • ・Boosting attack power,
  • ・ranged weapon reload time and overheat recovery time are temporarily reduced.
  • ◎Skill “Pursuit Ranged Aux. Program LV2”
  • ・Increases ranged weapon damage against staggered, heavily staggered, or toppled enemies.
  • ◎Skill “Sub Arm Special Cushioning LV2”
  • ・Reduces damage to the MS HP when attacked to the shield held by the subarm and reduces the occurrence of staggering due to accumulation.
    Damage reactions are also reduced when the damage is below a certain value, except for fighting attacks and tackles that have a tumbling effect.
■P.M.U. Material Enhancement Campaign
During the period, we will hold the “P.M.U. Material Enhancement Campaign” in which you can obtain a large amount of various rewards such as increased basic rewards, a large boost in the probability of MS being found in containers, and also the limited time missions to be issued!
Come join the campaign together with the “Special Battle” scheduled to be held at the same time to obtain the rewards!
◎Special match
The “Special Match” will be fought on MAPs with different bases, relay points, and sortie locations.
This time on three maps: “Port Base”, “Tropical Desert” and “Ravine”.
◎Port Base
・The base and relay points are located at the edge of the map, making it easy to fight close combat using obstacles that can cut off the line of fire.
◎Tropical Desert
・The number and placement of relay points have been changed by removing the central relay point.
 The sortie positions are also closer to the enemy team, making this MAP a fierce battle from the start of the battle.
・The central relay point has also been removed here.
Relay points have been placed on the side roads of the main battlefield, changing the route of progression to the center of the map.
■About the player manner
We are pleased to report that after the modification of the reporting function implemented in the update at the end of March 2024, there is a major decrease in the number of players engaging in disruptive behavior.
A comparison of the ratio between the total number of battle sorties and the number of each annoying behavior in the month before and after the functional modification shows that the total number of battle sorties increased after the modification, even though the total number of battle sorties increased after the modification, 26% reduced on disconnection from network, 35% on obstructive behavior and 39% on left match early(AFK), which is a huge improve from the last update!
Thank you very much for your cooperation in responding to the report and improving the playing manner!
However, while many player manner is getting better, there are still some players who continue to cause trouble.
We will be issuing warnings and permanently suspending players for disruptive behavior that could not be counted due to the system’s mechanism, starting with the next update, so we would like to ask for your cooperation to be aware of your manner and playing style.
We would like to ask all players who are playing with a nice manner and enjoy GBO2, if you see any disruptive behavior, we would appreciate your cooperation in reporting it!
■Last but not least
This update will be applied at [PDT] 05/29/2024 22:00 / [CEST] 05/30/2024 07:00.
It may be a little early, but July is the 6th anniversary of GBO2.
While details is still under covered for now, but I promise, we will bring our best to you all!!
That’s all for the Developer newsletter.
And we will see you next time.
(Development: Nakagawa)