[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of March

■[PDT] 03/26/2024 02:00
■[CET] 03/26/2024 10:00
■First of all,
Greeting, pilots! This is Nakagawa from the development.
March is running to the end, we are now seeing the cherry blossoms blooming in Japan.
Unfortunately I was engaging works in blooming season these last years, but I feel like I can finally view the lovely flowers after ages.
Alright, have you guys watched the developer video letter already?
We have the new unit introduced and some decent information in the video, so feel free to have a look, hope you guys like it!
Well, I will go through most details mentioned in the video and would like to make some additional to you.
Let’s start!
“GBO Spring Festival 2024”
“GBO Spring Festival 2024” is now here!
Since the very first GBO Spring Festival with the Zeta Gundam implementation, this is the 5th Festival so far.
As usual, we have bunch of Special Supply Drop and limited mission events for you all.
So, enjoy!
※For more details, please check here.
■New MS “Nu Gundam [HWS]”!
New MS “Nu Gundam [HWS]” from “CCA-MSV” is now joining GBO2!
This support unit excels in medium to close range firefighting, taking advantage of its abundant firearms and Fin Funnel Barriers.
<Unit features>
・In anticipation of a long, drawn-out war with Neo Zeon forces, this unit was designed in accordance with the FSWS Plan, enhancing the functionality of Nu Gundam, using weaponry and additional armor.
・Weapon upgrades include an enlarged ranged weapon, and an large-caliber mega particle cannon attached to the left arm, also the chest features missile-loaded units, and some other weaponry enhancements to other body parts.
Various measures were taken to counter an increase in weight caused by the additional armor, such as loading the armor with propellant, and internalizing thrusters to improve overall thrust.
・This project was a vector for adding functions to the excesses of the U.C. 0090s, and was at odds with the original concept of the Nu Gundam, but the compatibility with the Nu Gundam itself was very good.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
<Weaponry & Skills>
    • Sub-weapon “Fin Funnels [Defend]”
    • ・Deploy Fin Funnels to form a barrier around the unit.
    • ・Barrier will block ranged attacks and consume the remain ammunition, once ammunition reach zero, then the barrier will be deactivated.
    • ・Barrier will be deactivated when getting hit by close combat or reloading the weapon.
    • Skill “Resist Move” LV2
    • ・Press the Accelerate button twice to perform Resist Move. Reaction is nullified during Resist Move and reduce the damage taken.
    • Skill “Release Ranged Output Limiter”
    • ・The main ranged weapon “Hyper Mega Rifle”, carried by this MS, has the following changes in weapon performance depending on the focusing stage.
    • ■Normal firing
    • ・5 beams in rapid bursts.
    • ・No direct staggering effect, but will do accumulation staggering.
    • ■1st focusing stage
    • ・Boosting power and attack range
    • ・Only 1 beam shot but will deal stagger to target when hit.
    • ■2nd focusing stage
    • ・even much power and attack range, also having larger hitting radius
    • ・Beam shot will have penetrate effect.
■Current function modification
Report system
We have been calling for attention of player manner to all players for all time, warning and punishing those players who had harassing behaviors with such as permanent banning.
But had difficulties to aware all kinds of inappropriate behaviors, and take action to those players.
Now, we have a new report system to settle this situation.
We are segmentalizing the item of “abandoning battle” into “Left Match Early(AFK)”, “Disconnection from Network” and “Obstructive Behavior”.
Details of 3 new added elements are listed below.
■Modifications in Report item
①Left Match Early(AFK)
Players who are not moving in a battle, or abandoning the entire battle.
②Disconnection from Network
Disconnecting from the network, intentionally leaving the battle.
③Report Chat(Chat spam)
Actions such as repeatedly discourage allies in chat incite them.
④Obstructive Behavior
Intentionally friendly fire, actions will sabotage allies, etc.
■About our correspondence
We will investigate every single received report,
and deliver warning or even permanent banning to the target players if necessary.
■Regarding online game play, a request from the development team
As you know, “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2” is a Multiplayer Online-game.
Not surprisingly, there are people on the other side of the screen who are trying to enjoy the same game.
We understand that you may be frustrated by the way other players’ play.
But we hope that you will recognize that they are also players who enjoy GBO2 as much as you do, and help us to make sure that everyone can continue to enjoy playing GBO2.
Still, it will take some time before we can issue warnings and permanent suspensions for the newly added report items, as we will start counting them after the modifications are completed.
Filter condition improvement in Supply Center
Sorting filter function, in the order of “available to buy” option is added to Supply Center.
Pilots can now sort the items with those items are available to buy to the top of the list.
While the number of exchange items lined up at the Supply Center continues to increase, we hope that new recruits who have limited items available for purchase will take advantage of this opportunity.
New rank “Lieutenant General”
It has been about a year since the opening of the “Major General” rank, and more pilots have reached the upper limit of “Major General” LV 24, so we are now opening a new rank, “Lieutenant General”.
(I guess we can finally promote to the same rank as Sir Dozle Zabi in GBO2.)
■How to rank up
You may reach the rank Lieutenant General” by:
①Reach the rank “Major General” Lv24(Maximum EXP)
②Complete all issued promotion missions.
■Benefit from reaching “Lieutenant General”
More exchangeable items in DP exchange counter.
These items can be exchanged for only pilots who reached“Lieutenant General” Lv1.
★★★ Hazel Custom [High Mobility Form] LV1 (Raid unit, ground/space uses, cost: 550) DP required: 500,000
★★★ Zaku IV LV1 (Support unit, ground/space uses, cost: 600) DP required: 500,000
★★★ Rebawoo LV1 (General unit, ground/space uses, cost: 650) DP required: 500,000
★★ T-Shirt: Lieutenant General DP required: 100,000
■About the percentage of classes
With the opening of the new ranks, some of you may be wondering how many pilots are in the ranks to which you belong, so for your information, here is the current rank ratio.
■Last but not least
This update will be applied at [PDT] 03/27/2024 22:00 / [CET] 03/28/2024 06:00, just a few days later.
A fresh Spring, a new life style with friends in GBO2 could be a good choice.
However, we look forward to your continuous support to GBO2 in the future.
That’s all for this time, and we see you next developer newsletter!
(Development: Nakagawa)