[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of January 2024

■[PST] 01/23/2024 01:00
■[CET] 01/23/2024 10:00
First of all,
Greetings, and Happy New Year, pilots! This is Nakagawa, GBO2 development director.
Maybe it’s a little bit late for this, we hope you will enjoy GBO2 in 2024 too!
Well, let’s go ahead to talk about the first major update in this year.
■New MS from “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE”!
As announced in the last video letter,
We are having new MS joining GBO2 from “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE”!
To celebrate this memorable moment, “U.C. ENGAGE collaborative campaign” will be held from [JST] 01/25/2024 14:00.
During the campaign, MS guaranteed STEP UP Supply Drops will run for 4 weeks continuously, implementation of Operator, Peche Montagne (voice: Maaya Sakamoto), and special mission will be open to all pilots to challenge.
Not just for veteran GBO2 pilots, we also welcome those joining GBO2 who is playing U.C. ENGAGE and interested in GBO2.
Whatever, relax and have fun!
※For more details about the campaign, please click here.
※We will update the campaign in the following weeks and please have a check to them.
■New MS “Engage Zero [Booster Type]” & “Kämpfer High Mobility Type”!
New MS “Engage Zero [Booster Type]” & “Kämpfer High Mobility Type” from “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE” is now joining GBO2!
I’m afraid that the previous promotional video released in days before in the video letter is not very detailed, so let me introduce you more here.
“Engage Zero [Booster Type]” will be added on [JST] 01/25/2024, and “Kämpfer High Mobility Type” will be added on [JST] 02/01/2024.
■Engage Zero [Booster Type]
This Engage Zero is equipped with an additional booster pod featuring large thrusters to achieve amazing acceleration.
In GBO2, it is also a raid unit that takes advantage of its high mobility to excel in combat.
<Unit features>
・From “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE” Raid unit with 500 cost and can be deployed on both Ground and in Space.
・Engage Zero is an optional plan suggested as a follow-up to the Gundam Development Project.
・Engage Zero has the instant acceleration to deal with the hit and run terrorist.
In fact, the acceleration will generate overwhelming G force, and even Peche, who has high mobility MA piloting experience, can only handle the acceleration and G force for three-minute from starting the booster.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
<Skill introduction>
  • Skill “Aux Thruster Control System” LV2
  • ・Activates when using High Speed Movement for a set period,
  • ・Increasing High Speed Movement speed by 15.
  • ・Grant skill “Flap Booster LV1”.
  • ・Reduces cumulative attack damage,
  • ・Enables High Speed compatible weapons.
    ※For the Engage Zero [Booster Type], the main ranged weapon “Engage Zero Beam Rifle” is the relevant armament.
■Kämpfer High Mobility Type
The Kämpfer, which boasts high maneuverability, has been modified to provide even greater agility.
Like the Engage Zero, it is highly maneuverable and is a general unit that excels in one-hit detachment tactics.
<Unit features>
・From “Mobile Suit Gundam U.C. ENGAGE” General unit with 500 cost and can be deployed on both Ground and in Space.
・This variant of the Zeon Army’s Kämpfer was modified into a high-mobility type unit to specialize in hit-and-run tactics.
・In order to take advantage of its high mobility, which is a characteristic of its body, its armament consists of simple weapons such as beam rifles, beam sabers, and Sturm Faust, but by taking advantage of its high assault capability, it can be expected to achieve great results in battle.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
<Skill introduction>
  • Skill “SB Limiter Release System”
  • ・When starting High Speed Movement with full thrusters,
  • ・Increases High Speed Movement speed by 15,
  • ・Reduces ranged attack damage taken during High Speed Movement.
■Modifications of some in-game functions
●New “Copy” & “Paste” function for custom parts setting
You can now copy any registered custom part page, and paste to another page as you want.
For example, custom part page 1 is quite good but you found some parts from page 2 are much suitable to your built in page 1,
you can only replace one by one in the past, but now you can choose a couple of them from the other page once.
This might be a minor little thing, we hope this will help you out to setup the custom parts much easier.
※Copy & paste function can only be used operating MS.
You can only use this function on the same MS.
Last but not least
Thank you for all your support and GBO2 is now stepping into 2024.
Starting from some small MS, we  will keep adding new series MS and MAP in 2024,
put all effort as much as we can to this game, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2,
and we look forward to your continuous support in the future.
This update will be applied at [PST] 01/24/2024 21:00 / [CET] 01/25/2024 06:00.
That’s all for this developer newsletter and we will see you next time.
(Development: Nakagawa)