GBO Winter Festival campaign⑨ Happy Holiday campaign!

■[PST] 11/27/2023 19:00
■[CET] 11/28/2023 04:00
Starting from [PST] 12/20/2023 / [CET] 12/21/2023, Winter Festival campaign⑨ Happy Holiday campaign will begin.
[PST] 12/20/2023 21:00 – 12/27/2023 20:59 [Scheduled]
[CET] 12/21/2023 06:00 – 12/28/2023 05:59 [Scheduled]
During the period, basecamp is decorated in Winter mood!
Also, pilots can gain some special accessories as our presents!
■Special accessories
Login GBO2 during the event to get these accessories for presents!
  • ※If you are receiving the past costumes those you already have, that you will receive recycle ticket(s) instead.
“Snow fighting” in the base camp!
During the period, you can play the “Snow fighting” in the camp by equipping the Christmas costumes and press the □ button.