[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of October

■[PDT] 10/25/2023 02:00
■[CEST] 10/25/2023 11:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots! I am Ishii and this is the developer newsletter for October.
It was steaming hot in the summer but finally, Autumn has arrived.
October is almost gone, the temperature is dropping fast and my body is crying out for hot stuff like hot-pot.
(Actually, the development team is planning to have a together…)
But we can talk about that later, let’s talk about the updates of the month.
■User survey result and feedback
I knew Nakagawa had mentioned this last month but let me say thank you here.
Thank you for completing the survey!
As you know, we’re always keep updating GBO2 and trying to make it better as every change will affect the in-game environment so much.
We would like to know the pilots’ opinions and that’s why we made this survey.
Let me show you some picked-up feedback and the results.
■Removing group sorties in rating matches
In the survey, there were several questions regarding “group sorties”, which were included to help us make a decision on whether or not to continue the group sorties.
As the title of the survey, we have decided to remove group sorties in rating matches.
Let me explain to you.
◎Result (This data collecting is only took placed in Japan.)
Q: How do you feel about fighting together with your friends?
The results of the survey showed that more pilots enjoy playing “Quick Match” and “Custom Match” casually rather than having some serious game in “Rating Match”.
We believe this is because “Rating Match” is a serious battle in which the rating increases or decreases, so there is a sense of tension even among friends.
Then, here are the results of a solo (single player) of joining a random group.
Q: How do you feel about the battle when you are alone in a random group?
  • ■Other comments
  • ・Since there is no voice chat in the game, the elements of winning a match depend on the coordination of a  group, and most of the matches are beyond one’s control.
  • ・When pilots play rating matches in a random group, personal skill will no longer be the first reason for winning or losing the game, and you are often put in a difficult situation because you can’t really communicate with your teammate and pilots can’t usually be in the right place at the right time.
  • ・Quite a number of pilots who had responded to this survey would like to see no more rating matches in groups.
As for the responses of those who participated in random groups’ battles as solo, the majority of the respondents said that they did not enjoy themselves in the rating matches.
As the same reason, it is easier to work together when grouping up for a sortie and we have also seen a lot of similar comments.
About the “group sortie” in rating match, we have the actual same sense with players like:
“want to play with friends even more”, “want to play rating match with friends. That’s why we added “group sortie” to rating match.
We had designed the Group match system as below in order to prevent the difference in strength between solo players and group players:
  • ◆Group match system
  • ① Whenever a team goes out with a group, there will always be a group on the other team.
  • ② After matching groups with similar conditions, if there are not enough people on the team, some random pilots will join to the room.
  • ③ If anyone leaves the group, all group members of both their own team and the enemy team leave the room.
However, unlike at the beginning of 2019 when we implemented group sorties, we currently have the following problems.
①Many pilots were more stressed about being involved in grouping than they were about wanting to play on the same team with friends in the hottest rating matches.
⇒  Players are not feeling enthusiastic to “group sortie” than the past.
②From the point of view of those who participated in the battle as soloists in a group sortie, there is a difference in coordination and communication between “those who sortied in group” and “those who sortied solo” which is reflected in the outcome of the battle and causing stress while in a match.
⇒ We believe that this is also affected by the changes that have occurred in the battlefield environment compared to a few years ago.
For example, “The number of MS with a long-range weapon has increased, and the instantaneous firepower when working together has increased”, etc.
More emphasis is being placed on coordination.
However, as the survey results show, it is also true that more than a certain number of players enjoy playing group games, and we believe that the fun of playing with friends is an important aspect of GBO2 as an online game.
Although the above problem is still occurring, our idea remains the same: “Invite your friends to play more and more”.
However, since our basic premise is that we want all pilots to enjoy playing the game, we are removing the “group sorties” for rating matches, which many people find stressful.
With the above changes, “Rating Matches” will become a game mode more on personal skill than ever before, while “Quick Matches” and “Custom Matches” will continue to be a place to enjoy casual battles together no matter solo and group players.
※We will consider whether additional measures are necessary in light of the situation in the future.
■Unit balance adjustments
◎Notice of nerfing “Atlas Gundam [TB]” and “Xeku Zwei” (pre-notification)
Atlas Gundam [TB]
Reference Data COST Unit LV Win Rate Rival Win Rate Damage Dealt Amount of MS Loss
600 General Type Average 49.6 48.5 69,036 3.0
LV1 54.0 56.9 78,271 3.1
Xeku Zwei
Reference Data COST Unit LV Win Rate Rival Win Rate Damage Dealt Amount of MS Loss
650 General Type Average 50.0 50.5 75,962 3.0
LV1 54.9 55.1 81,684 3.3
Currently, “Atlas Gundam [TB]” and “Xeku Zwei” have a better-than-expected record.
These two units have had a sufficient period of battle data to review and adjust the performance of other units in the same cost range, and while there have been some fluctuations in their performance, there have been no significant changes that can be considered an improvement.
We have been testing and adjusting the game with a view to making a downward adjustment, and now that we are on track to do so, we are pleased to announce that the downward adjustment will be implemented in November update.
※We have received requests for downward adjustments both in and outside of the survey, but we will be very careful in our response in order to create a well-balanced unit performance and environment.
Please understand that we will have to wait a little longer.
◎Adjustments to the “ZZ Gundam Mass Production Type” and “Full Armor ZZ Gundam”
ZZ Gundam Mass Production Type
Reference Data COST Unit LV Win Rate Rival Win Rate Damage Dealt Amount of MS Loss
600 General Type Average 49.6 48.5 69,036 3.0
LV1 51.0 51.2 69,187 3.2
In the survey, we also received requests for downward adjustment of the “ZZ Gundam Mass Production Type”.
However, since the current results are within the expected range, and  other units in the same cost range are also active and those MS have a good performance, we have no intention to make any adjustments to this unit recently.
Full Armor ZZ Gundam
Reference Data COST Unit LV Win Rate Rival Win Rate Damage Dealt Amount of MS Loss
700 Support Type Average 49.5 46.8 85,032 3.0
LV1 47.1 47.5 85,823 3.2
Although the “Full Armor ZZ Gundam” was introduced at the end of September 2023, its various battle record data is below the expected range.
In addition, we have received requests for buffing this MS outside of the survey, so we are making adjustments at this time.
■Expansion of the limit for increasing the lineup of the Recycle Counter by Premium War Merit badge
Coming up is an update on the Supply Center.
Five years have passed since the service was launched, with more than 400 MSs appearing in game, and the number of units eligible for exchange has increased significantly.
For players who have just started, there are many new items lined up, but for those who have been playing GBO2 for a long time, there are more and more cases of “many acquired items lined up”.
We have received a request in the survey to “increase the number of items that can be exchanged at the recycle ticket exchange counter”. As a result, we will expand the number of items that can be exchanged at the recycle window by earning war merit badges.
■New MS “Dijeh Traversia” arriving!
Well, thank you very much for your patience. We will now move on to the introduction of the new MS that will appear immediately after the update!
New “Dijeh Traversia” from “Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Return of Johnny Ridden” is now joining GBO2!
Introducing the unit in a special video that includes its performance, such as its armament and skills! Take a look!
Having the same type of funnel and shield with a built-in Mega Particle Cannon as the Jagd Doga and eqiupped a number of ranged weapons such as the Beam Cannon and Hand Beam Gun of Schuzrum Dias!
In addition, not just the weapons, it has incredible skills like “Simple Bio-Sensor Ability Boost” and a new skill, the “Thrust-Based Fire Cooling System”!
<Unit features>
・From “Mobile Suit Gundam MSV-R Return of Johnny Ridden”, General unit with 650 cost and can be deployed on both Ground and Space.
・A special unit based on the “Dijeh”, a mobile suit formerly piloted by Neo Zeon’s Supreme Leader Char Aznable.
A conglomeration of like-minded companies and private individuals donated the materials required to rebuild it.
・Although the original Dijeh was partially destroyed, its core was used in this unit for two primary reasons: its nuclear fusion reactor boasted the highest output in all of Neo Zeon at the time of development, and load reduction could be achieved when equipping new units for testing.
・Its partially damaged and lost limbs were restored using spare parts intended for prototypes, alongside various high-output weapons still under development. Additionally, the same Grye Binders used by the Schuzrum Dias were equipped to it once again. Upon completion of its weapons system, it was assigned a model number and unique name.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
<Skill introduction>
  • Skill “Thrust-Based Fire Cooling System”
  • ・When using ballistic weapons during high-speed movement, the unit recovers from both heat build-up and overheating faster.
  • Skill “Beam Diffusion Shield” LV2
  • ・While using focus fire with a weapon installed in your shield,
  • ・Damage from a beam shot hitting your shield and reaction reduced or canceled.
  • ・When this effect is activated, the damage and focusing speed of the armament in-built to the shield will be increased for a certain period of time.
  • ※In Dijeh Traversia, sub-weapon “Mega Particle Cannon” is the relevant weapon which is affected by the skill.
  • Skill “Simple Bio-Sensor Ability Boost” LV2
  • ・Activates when HP lower than 40%,
  • ・Boosting attack, defense, and mobility.
  • ・Reduces damage to the unit’s HP caused by the shooting attribute and stagger caused by accumulated damage.
  • ・Nullifies all reactions except for knockback due to cumulative damage, ONLY at the point of skill activation.
  • ・The performance of the unit’s sub-weapon “Funnel x6 [Focused Fire]” is changed as follows:
  • ■Normal
  • Funnel continuously attacks the locked-on target
  • ■While skill activating
  • Funnel irradiates attacks at a fixed range toward a locked-on target.
    Also available while high speed.
■Last but not least
This update will apply at [PDT] 10/26/2023 03:00 / [CEST] 10/26/2023 12:00.
Please note that update in this week will be a little bit later than usual.
In addition, a “P.M.U. Material Enhancement Campaign” is scheduled to be held for two weeks from the day of the update!
Details will be announced at a later date, but there will be a huge increase in battle rewards, limited-time missions, and much more.
We will also hold “Special Match” at the same time, where you can play on MAPs with different relay point locations!
This time, we will be using maps other than the “Port Base(filled with water)”, “Tropical Desert” and “Deserted City” from last time, so please look forward to the day of the event!
Well, the survey was finished last month and we are preparing another one at the moment.
We are deciding to make an announcement in the future and hope you will help us with that one too!
That’s all for the developer newsletter for October, we will see you next time.
(Development: Ishii)