Notice of Supply Drop Lineup “Full Armor ZZ Gundam”

■[PDT] 09/27/2023 22:00
■[CEST] 09/28/2023 07:00
Supply Drop Lineup has been updated.
[PDT] 09/27/2023 22:00 – 10/04/2023 21:30 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 09/28/2023 07:00 – 10/05/2023 06:30 [Scheduled]
■Added New Materials
・★★★★ Full Armor ZZ Gundam LV1 (Support Unit, ground/space use, cost: 700)
  • ※The above MS is eligible for the Monthly MS Bonus Unit.
  • ※Regarding the Monthly MS Bonus, please check here.
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・Support Unit with cost of 700.
  • ・A variant of ZZ Gundam, taking the ultimate firepower of the 4th generation MS and bolstering its specs to extraordinary levels, improving its capabilities in extended combat.
  • ・This unit was developed for Project Zeta by the AEUG and Anaheim Electronics, and also covered in armor to compensate for the structural weaknesses inherent in the transformation mechanism. Supplemental thrusters prevent reduced mobility from the additional weight, with augmented propellant tank capacity to match.
  • ・It is also equipped with biosensors and beam coating to assist in combat, and has a High Mega Cannon in its abdomen and a variety of missiles, making it an overwhelmingly powerful machine that is suitable for decisive battles.
  • ・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
※Keep that in mind that the release time of the unit is scheduled.
  • Skill “Linked Fire”
  • ・Pressing the touchpad button changes the performance of the ranged weapon compatible with this skill.
    ※Like Full Armor ZZ Gundam’s sub-weapon “Head High Mega Cannon”
  • ■During normal firing
  • ・Continuous damage can be inflicted by irradiation type beams.
  • ・Focusing is required for firing, and the weapon must remain stationary during focusing.
  • ■When the “Linked Fire” skill is activated
  • ・In conjunction with the “Double Cannon”, it can inflict damage with a single shot type beam.
  • ・Causes the enemy units to stronger stagger when hit.
  • ・Explosion is detected at the point where the beam lands.
  • ・Focusing is required to fire the beam, but it is possible to move while focusing.
  • The skill has a time limit, after which the target weapon will be disabled for a certain period of time.
    This skill can be activated once per sortie.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
  • ※Since the “Double Cannon” linked to the activation of the skill is a weapon due to the skill effect, the heat rates of the “Double Cannon” sub-weapon that this MS is equipped with separately do not affect each other.
  • Skill “Bio-Sensor J Ability Boost”
  • ・When the MS HP falls below 50%, the following effects are automatically activated,
  • ・Fighting attack power and maneuverability are increased.
  • ・The combat judgment power is slightly increased, and the damage to the MS’s HP is reduced during a combat attack.
  • ・The skills “Maneuver Armor LV1” and “Offense System LV1” are added.
  • ・Reduces the occurrence of damage reactions caused by the accumulation of staggering.
  • ・Disables reactions other than staggering due to damage accumulation only at the moment the skill is activated.
■Exclusive pilot item as a Bonus for the 10 Consecutive Supply Drops!
Beginning from [PDT] 09/27/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 09/28/2023 07:00, 1 random exclusive pilot item as a bonus can be obtained from 10 consecutive drops.
■Supply Drop with Bonus Items Period
[PDT] 09/27/2023 22:00 – 10/04/2023 21:30 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 09/28/2023 07:00 – 10/05/2023 06:30 [Scheduled]
■Supply Drop with Bonus Items
Normal 10-consecutive Supply Drops
■Bonus Item Contents (get 1 of the 2 items randomly listed below)
  • ■Wear
  • Normal Suit: AEUG 05
  • ■Accessory
  • Helmet: AEUG 05
  • ※Requesting 10-Consecutive Supply Drops during the campaign will grant you an additional 11th supply drop, and get 1 extra item.
  • ※Does NOT apply to the 1-Attempt Supply Drop. The bonus item will not be awarded even if you request the 1-Attempt Supply Drop ten times in a row.
■Other materials
・★ GAZ-R LV4 (General Unit, ground/space use, cost: 650)
・★ GAZ-L LV4 (Raid Unit, ground/space use, cost: 650)
・★ Zudah F LV4 (General Unit, ground/space use, cost: 550)
■Removed Materials from the Supply Drop
Some materials are removed from the supply drop lineup.  ※For Details, please check here.
  • ※For more information regarding the updated supply drop lineup, please refer to the [Supply Drop List].

■Notice of [Big Boost to Supply Drop Rates Campaign]
Some of the newly added materials will have a boost to their supply drop rates for a limited time.
[PDT] 09/27/2023 22:00 – 10/04/2023 21:30 [Scheduled]
[CEST] 09/28/2023 07:00 – 10/05/2023 06:30 [Scheduled]
■Featured material that will benefit from the Big Boost to its Supply Rate
・★★★★ Full Armor ZZ Gundam LV1 (Support Unit, ground/space use, cost: 700)
■Supply Drops that will benefit from Big Boost to Supply Rates
・Normal Supply Drop
  • ※After the end of the campaign, all supply drop rates will be the same as other materials.