[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of August

■[PDT] 08/22/2023 02:00
■[CEST] 08/22/2023 11:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots! I’m Nakagawa and it’s been a while from last time I talk to you guys here!
5th Anniversary Celebration is coming to a conclusion soon and, we truly hope you all enjoyed our events.
Speaking about the anniversary, we had put different standing statues in game every time…
which recalls my memories of visiting Odaiba and Yokohama, and take a close look to the real size statues, what a good time!
Oops, also the “TAMASHII NATIONS STORE TOKYO” in Akihabara with Hi-Nu Gundam and Nightingale this year, both were masterpiece too!
I’ve noticed the GBO2 introduction pop, I mean… that is something to us after all these years.
Well, we quite off from today’s topic. Let me show you some update contents in August.
■New MS “GM Dominance [Underwater Equipment]” arriving!
New 400 cost general MS “GM Dominance [Underwater Equipment]” from “Mobile Suit Gundam side story: The Blue Destiny” is now joining GBO2!
It has the same body of “GM Dominance” but with shoulder torpedo tubes and hand anchor, combined with couple of melee weapons making this MS excel in close range combat.
<Unit features>
・From “Mobile Suit Gundam side story: The Blue Destiny”
General unit with 400 cost and can only be deployed on the Ground.
・The GM Dominance is a GM line unit created for data collection, with ease of modification in mind and this particular variant has been equipped for underwater combat.
・Hardpoints are located on various parts of the unit for carrying additional equipment, providing versatility of expansion.
With underwater equipment such as shoulder torpedoes and hand anchors for which actual battle data was collected for the verification of Aqua GM.
・Can only be deployed on the Ground.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
“Premium Sound & Token Pack” now on sale!
This pack has been mentioned in “WasyaganaTV Youtube channel” weeks ago.
BGMs and songs in gundam series, and also GBO OST listed below in this Premium Sound & Token Pack will be released on [PDT] 08/23/2023 / [CEST] 08/24/2023!
We have some samples in the BGM customize menu for you all before purchasing, so please have check if you interested in soundtracks!
Now my plan is set the BGM “Kaku no Sora” in Arctic Base with Hy-Gogg to have the exact same scene with Cyclops team in MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0080 War in the Pocket!
※The pack price JPY 2,500 (tax not included) with special gift of 10 tokens.
※OST and songs included in the pack are listed below.
BGMs Titles
・Sasso-taru CHAR :Mobile Suit Gundam
・Senshi :Mobile Suit GUNDAM The 08th MS Team
・THUNDERBOLT Main Theme :Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
・Kaku no Sora :Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket
・ASSAULT WAVES :Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
・MOBILE SUIT Sen :Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
・Shido! Double Zeta :Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
・Main Title :Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack
・UNICORN :Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
・Vigilante :Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative
・Noisy Fairy :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・To Yet Survive :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・Witch of War :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・Earth Spirit :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・Serial Sniper :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・Witch Hunt :Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy
・Battle Space “SPACE COLONY” :Gundam Battle Operation Next
・Battle Space “METROPOLIS” :Gundam Battle Operation Next
・Battle Space “CANYON” :Gundam Battle Operation Next
・FINISH OFF :Gundam Battle Operation Next
“5th Anniversary Post-event”
Our main 5th Anniversary celebration is finishing on [PDT] 08/23/2023 21:59 / [CEST] 08/24/2023 06:59, but this is not the end!
“5th Anniversary Post-event” will be starting on [PDT] 08/23/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 08/24/2023 07:00 (scheduled).
Let me introduce the content briefly.
◎Supply Drop: MS request campaign
First, thank you for all participating to “Supply Drop: MS request campaign”.
After gathering all votes, we have decided which 10 units will be in the Supply Drop lineup!
Well, most are ★★★★ MS on the list and I’m not suprised.
This special Supply Drop will be starting on [PDT] 08/23/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 08/24/2023 07:00 (scheduled) and don’t miss this opportunity to obtain those units!
※Details will be release in upcoming days.
◎Event “Special match”
GBO2 is now going to its 6th year from the service start and the main strategies for each map is now quite stable.
To create some new excitement to all pilots,
we now added a special match with unusual starting, relay point, base position, etc in some maps for a limited period.
This time we will have:
・Port Base(filled with water): both sides’ bases and relay points will come to the middle of the map, which means pilots have to deal with the water even more.
・Tropical Desert: relay points changed the position, battle like chaos in the middle of the map is expected.
・Deserted City: all relay points is re-positioning to the side of the map, heated street fight will be main topic of this map.
These 3 maps for the quick match.
So you don’t need to care about the rating, just have a try on some different move on these maps and enjoy!
Here is the set up of each map.
◎Port Base(filled with water)
◎Tropical Desert
◎Deserted City
Besides, we also have special directives during post event and pilots will get items after finishing them!
■Last but not least
GBO2 is now 6 year-old and thank you for all pilots’ support!
We, development team will keep putting effort on improving and hope you all will enjoy GBO2 even more!
This update will be applied at [PDT] 08/23/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 08/24/2023 07:00.
Summer is still here, take care and keep hydrated.
We will see you next time.
(Development: Nakagawa)