[Developer Newsletter] About 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign

■[PDT] 07/25/2023 02:00
■[CEST] 07/25/2023 11:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots! This is Ohta from the developing team.
We are here again this year, its the Anniversary, and this will be the fifth year from the service start!
I mean… this is epic! We deeply appreciate all of your supports until today, THANK YOU!!
By the way, have you guys watched the stream on WasyaganaTV Youtube channel(only in Japanese) last Sunday?
Both Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Kajita were so excited and shared us their love to Gundam,
like information about 5th Anniversary Celebrations, watched the new movie narrated by voice actors of Amuro and Char(Mr. Furuya and Mr. Ikeda), what a night!
Oops, please let me make this speech much precisely… THIS newsletter was finished before the stream, so…
Maybe that will happen in other universe, somehow…
But just one thing is sure, that must be a heated night!
■About the 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign
Let me make this announcement again briefly,
5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign will be starting from [JST] 07/27/2023 14:00 [scheduled].
Free 10-consecutive Drops weekly(maximum 80), tokens and MS for login bonus, etc.
We have a lot of events for you all so please don’t forget to have a check!
※Details about the campaign is here.
※The rest of update information will be released in days.
■About 5th Anniversary key visual
We have Hidetaka Tenjin again for the 5th Anniversary key visual!
Hi-Nu Gundam and Nightingale are taking off and heading to the battlefield, this scene looks so cool!
Last year was an unfortunate one because of the Covid-19 and we had to talk via PC and monitor…
But this year, we got him to the B.B. Studio and go through all points about this creation full of excitement, face to face!
Way better that talk on PC and glad to meet him after years!
I know what some pilots are thinking and here you are, the illustration without the text!
■Last but not least
Let me put some serious stuffs off my chest…
GBO2 is now 5th Anniversary and this is the “turning point”.
Some of you know that the GBO ended right after the 5 years… For us, all is unknown from here.
We will keep focus on the development like new MS, maps or game modes, blah blah blah…
and the point is, it is important and we will focus on challenging new ideas and plans as developer and management team.
I’m sorry that I can’t tell you what that is but we will put our mind on the developer newsletter in the future so keep your eyes at us!
Finally, the key point today… All the way through here, we are not alone, not a second.
We truly appreciate all supports to our game!
As we said this every time, we will keep moving on and hope you enjoy Gundam Battle Operation 2 even deeper!
(Development: Ohta)