[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of June

■[PDT] 06/20/2023 02:00
■[CEST] 06/20/2023 11:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots!
This is Nakagawa from the same team as Ohta and Ishii and I’m mainly develop maps for GBO2!
Just like you guys, I’m a GBO2 pilot too and my favorite unit is “Alex”!
I spend most of my time playing robot games these days but recently, I can’t help myself from getting excited for the various games that have been announced but, we will also do our best and bring you all an unforgettable GBO experience!
Occasionally I will be writing these devleoper letters, hopefully you enjoy them.
Now, It’s time to start our today’s topic!
■New MS “Gundam Mk-IV” arriving!
“Gundam Mk-IV” (COST 600/General unit) is now joining from “SD Gundam G Generation”.
This unit has experimental quasi-Psycommu “Incoms” which was introduced on a trial basis, and distinctive skills, making it an expert in surprise attacks.
<Unit features>
・From “SD Gundam G Generation” General unit with 600 cost and can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
・Based on data from the Gundam Mk-III obtained by the Titans from Anaheim Electronics, the main body was designed to achieve higher performance, and the “Incoms”, a quasi-Psycommu armament that was being tested at the Augusta Research Institute, was introduced on a trial basis to enhance overall combat power.
・By activating the “Head Special Sensor Unit”, a secondary armament, this will interfere the radar function of enemy MS in range for a certain period of time, and also disables information sharing between the MS and its allies.
・It also has the skill “Fake Beacon” which enables covert action through the skill “Stealth” and transmits fake information to the enemy radar. “Stealth” and “Fake Beacon” are contradictory functions, but the “Special Infiltration Device” skill allows the user to switch between the two by pressing the touch pad button.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
<Skills introduction>
“Special Infiltration Device”
  • ・This skill will allow pilots to switch between the skills “Stealth” and “Fake Beacon” at will.
  • Default in sortie: Enable “Stealth” and disable “Fake Beacon”
  • Pressing touchpad button: Enable “Fake Beacon” and disable “Stealth”
  • “Fake Beacon”
  • ・Pressing the touchpad button while “Fake Beacon” is displayed on the right side of the battle screen activates the skill and disables “Stealth”.
  • “Stealth”
  • ・Pressing the touchpad button while “Stealth” is displayed on the right side of the battle screen activates the skill and disables “Fake Beacon”.
■New weapons for existing MS
<New weapons for existing MS>
◎Gaplant (Transformed): New weapon “Gaplant BR x2 [Discharge]” added
Weapon effect:
Normal fire suppresses, while focused hits offer long suppression.
Gaplant (Transformed) had only one usable weapon, making it difficult to generate firepower when transformed.
This new weapon, “Gaplant BR x2 [Discharge]” enhances its firepower and maneuverability during transformation,
expands the range of its operations during transformation, such as launching a series of attacks or preventing allies from pursuing it.
◎New sub weapon “Sensor Pod” for “Gunner Gundam”
Weapon effect:
Temporarily nullifies enemy radar jamming at set intervals for you and your allies, granting immunity for a set time after.
This skill also nullifies Fake Beacon and Stealth while active.
Also, this effect also disables the skills’ effect of “Stealth” and “Fake Beacon”.
The unit specializes in sniper support from medium to long range, and this sub weapon “Sensor Pod” nullifies all interference effects on the radar of surrounding friendly units, making it easier than ever to coordinate actions with allied MS.
Besides, various adjustments are planned for other units as well and we will announce the details in the following days.
■Game function adjustment
◎Indicator to show if an ally is planing or defusing a bomb.
You can now see if there is any ally setting a bomb or defusing a bomb and easier to take actions to assist allies or anything else.
◎Adjusted the size of the base icon
The icon was too large and covered the unit and now is adjusted to a much smaller size.
■New event reward MS added in Recycle Counter
Well, you know we have 6 MS were opened to obtain for the clan match and limited mission rewards in the past…
But this time, we are going to put ALL of them into the Recycle Counter!
We would like to make a simple introduction for each of them and hope you will interested in them.
  • MS feature
  • With its high armor, “Maneuver Armor” skill, and sub weapon of “5-Barrel F. Vulcan x2 [Discharge]”, it excels in its ability to stop enemy Raid units.
  • MS feature
  • In addition to forming a barrage with a wide variety of firearms, it can also provide support to allies through its “Observational Data Link” skill.
  • MS feature
  • The skills “Emergency Evasion System” and “Maneuver Armor” allow pilots to use this MS in super easy way just like a normal general unit.
  • MS feature
  • The sub weapon “J Grenade” can stop enemy MS by shooting it on their route.
  • MS feature
  • Main ranged weapon “Beam Machine Gun” can be utilized to target enemy support MS from a long distance.
  • MS feature
  • Equipped with a “Waist Missile POD”, a sub weapon that can inflict a major stagger on enemy MS.
If you missed the past event, now this is the chance!
(I’m not trying to tell you all this INTENTIONALLY… *Whispering* Anniversary Sale is up ahead and make good use of every single Recycle ticket!)
■Last but not least
This update will apply at [PDT] 06/21/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 06/22/2023 07:00 and it’s on its way.
For your reference, we will have 5th Anniversary event such as Free daily Supply Drop and limited mission a week later.
We will have another announcement for that in days.
That’s all for this newsletter and see you next time!
(Development: Nakagawa)