[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late May

■[PDT] 05/23/2023 02:00
■[CEST] 05/23/2023 11:00
■First of all,
Greetings, pilots!
This is Ishii, I can’t believe it is May already! How are you all doing in this slippy rainy season?
I was home for the entire 5 days of the Golden Week holiday and played GBO2, even on the sunny days lol.
In the last update, we added a new rank, “Major-General”. And now, I am a Major-General too, finally!
It’s been a while from the last time that I’ve done my promotion assignments, it was tough, but it was fun.
The badge with white stripes, it feels so good!
OK, time to talk about the newest updates!
■New support requests for Custom Matches are coming
Extended rules “Basic Match +” and “Mix Up +” have been added, which allow the use of two new support requests.
■Assistance request “EMP Blast”
The “EMP Blast” is a request for assistance that can only be used on the ground and drops a special blast that generates an electromagnetic pulse that damages electronic equipment systems.
This electromagnetic pulse can be expected to have the effect of hindering the enemy’s advance by staying in place over a wide area and for a relatively long time.
  • ◎Effect of “EMP Blast”
  • ・When hit by the blast, the following effects will be given for 20 seconds
  • ⇒ Radar failure, reduce visibility due to noise.
  • ⇒ Disables the skills “Observational Data Link”, “High-Performance Radar”, “Personnel Radar”, and “Fake Beacon”.
  • ⇒ Disables weapons’ ASL function
  • ⇒ Unable to receive information spot by allies
  • ・Damage reaction occurs when hit
  • ※Available only in ground MAP
In addition, there will be no effect given to friendly units in the EMP blast.
In the case of normal friendly artillery support, it is necessary to confirm no allies are nearby otherwise retreat at once to avoid taking damage. However with this “EMP Blast”, it is possible to approach your enemies suddenly and launch an attack in combination with the blast.
The enemy team will not be informed of whether they will be bombarded by usual artillery support or EMP blast.
A usual artillery support that will do great damage when hits, or disrupting enemies coordination by EMP blast and get close at a flash, it’s up to you.
Make good use to them and they will give you a huge advantage.
■Assistance request “Scramble”
Once the battle lines have collapsed, one of the strategies in GBO2 is to wait and go with allies.
(Of course, it depends on the situation, such as the number of MS remaining, HP, etc.)
I have to wait for the allies for a counterattack…!
But you have no longer to wait for this, with the second new support request, the “Scramble”.
It’s a little tricky to know how to use, let me give you an example…
It could be effective when your allies have been wiped out, but the enemy team has really little HP remaining, and you want to attack again before they get recover for another attack.
The higher-cost battles with longer re-launch times may be more effective requests for support to reinforce allies and form the front line immediately.
■How to use the new support request
You can now choose the support request while you are at a beacon:
○ button: The usual artillery support
△ button: “EMP Blast”
□ button: “Scramble”
The enemy team is not informed which support, usual artillery or EMP blast is selected.
You may call the usual artillery to deal a tone of damage, or send a EMP blast and advance with you teammates in once. Read the situation and use the best one that fits the situation!
These two new support requests are elements that will significantly change the balance and play style of the “Basic” and “Mix Up” game modes.
Therefore, we believe that the value of your rating, which is an indicator of your skill in a “Rating Match”, will fluctuate and that it will affect the “Quick Match” playlist in which players can casually go out and compete. This is the why we are only allowing these new support requests in custom matches.
Please enjoy the “little expansion on play style, a little bit more fun” with the expansion rules.
■New MS “MSN-04FF Sazabi” arriving!
“MSN-04FF Sazabi” from “THE LIFE-SIZED νGUNDAM STATUE” is coming to battlefield!
We’ve prepared a special video for the introduction of this unit and its weapons!
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
“DH Funnels” with this MS you can use a the high-firepower beam cannon carried on its body.
In addition to the familiar funnel mode such as “pursue” and “pincer”, it is also effective in restricting the enemy’s actions with a beam that continues irradiating the locked target for a certain period of time, and then launching the main attack with the unit.
■Last but not least
This update will apply at [PDT] 05/24/2023 22:00 / [CEST] 05/25/2023 07:00 and it’s on its way.
For two weeks from the day of the update, the “Locus of Red Comet” campaign related to Char, the Red Comet, will be held!
We will make another announcement soon, and also include a special Supply Drop and mission for you all too.
As part of the “Locus of Red Comet”, a standing statue of the “MSN-04FF Sazabi” will be installed at the base camp during the period.
You may see Nu Gundam’s statue in Fukuoka, but you can only see MSN-04FF Sazabi in GBO2!
So, come by the special venue at the base camp (near the Clan Facility) before you head out.
That’s all and see you next time!
(Development: Ishii)