Update File ver.0110.01 Release

■2019/04/25 14:00
■New Features
    • ◎Implemented [Clan].
    • Join/Create a clan to hang out with your friends.
    • ⇒ Once you are in a clan, you can interact with your clan members by sortieing with them or using clan chat.
■Join a Clan and Be Active Promotion Campaign Announcement
・The time-limited Join a Clan and Be Active Promotion Campaign has been released to commemorate the implementation of the clan functionality. Get a chance to receive pilot items and increase clan leveling reward within the campaign period.
*For more details please click HERE.
◎How to Join/Create a Clan
・You can join or create a clan via the base camp’s [Clan Camp].
⇒ Talk to [Adomin Granzman] at the Clan Camp to enable join/create clan related menus.
  • ・Search Clan: Specify your search conditions or use the [Clan tag] set up by the clan to start search.
  • ・Create Clan: Create a new clan.
  • ・Leave/Disband Clan: [Leave] or [Disband] your current clan.
  • ・Confirm Clan Invite: Confirm the [invite] sent to you by the clan.
  • *You can only join 1 clan at the same time. You cannot join multiple clans.
■Create a Clan
・Become the leader and create a new clan.
⇒ When you create a clan, set up the [clan profile] to define your clan.
・Clan Name   : 2-12 characters.
*The name can’t begin with a space and cannot contain consecutive spaces.
・Clan Tag   : 2-3 characters. Only half-width letters, numbers and the symbols [-] and [_] are allowed.
*Spaces are not allowed.
・Clan Type   : Set up your clan type. ([Casual], [Values interaction], etc.)
・Active Days   : Set up your clan’s activity frequency. ([Play everyday], [Play on weekends], etc.)
・Main Active Time   : Set up your clan’s main active time. ([Before noon], [From midnight], etc.)
・Recommended Rating   : Set up your clan’s recommended rating. ([Unspecified], [Above C-], etc.)
・Recruitment   : Specify what kind of players you are looking for. ([Recruiting support unit], [Recruiting any unit other than general], etc.)
・Requirement   : Set up whether the clan leader’s approval of admission is required.
・Intro Comment   : 60-character limit.
  • *The maximum number of members in a clan is [30].
  • *You cannot use a clan name or clan tag that is already in use.
    However, names with different half-width or full-width (clan name only), uppercase or lowercase characters are considered to be different names.
  • *Please note that the clan name and clan tag cannot be changed after setup.
  • *A player cannot create a new clan within 7 days after creating the previous clan.
・The clan leader has the administrative authority to…
  • ・invite members to join the clan.
  • ・edit clan profile. ([Clan name] and [clan tag] cannot be changed)
  • ・approve or reject received clan entry request(s).
  • ・assign or demote a co-leader. (The co-leader can only send clan invite(s) and edit the clan profile.)
  • ・transfer [leadership].
  • ・disband the clan.
  • *The system may automatically [appoint a new leader] or [disband the clan] if the clan leader has been inactive for a certain amount of time.
■Join a Clan
・Join an already existing clan.
[Request clan entry] after you found a clan, or join a clan through a clan [invite].
⇒ If the admission to a clan is by [acceptance only], your [request for entry] needs to be approved before you can join.
  • *You cannot create or request to join a new clan within 24 hours after you have left or disbanded a clan.
◎Clan Terminal
・Once you have joined a clan, you can use the [Clan Terminal] that manages clan related settings.
⇒ View member’s activity, edit clan profile or confirm entry request(s).
  • *Only the [clan leader] and [co-leader] can edit the clan profile.
  • *If clan entry has been set to [acceptance only], then only the [clan leader] can approve entry requests.
◎Clan Chat
・Once you’ve joined a clan, you can use [clan chat] to communicate with members of the same clan.
⇒ Except from during sortie, you can use clan chat to talk to your clan members by enabling enlarged chat (R3 button) even if they are not nearby.
◎Clan Level
・Once you have joined a clan, you can acquire CP (Clan Point) from your combat reward.
⇒ Clan level increases by acquiring a certain amount of CP. All members of the clan will receive a leveling reward.
◎Added [Clan] functionality to H.A.R.O.
・The [Clan] option under H.A.R.O. will be available once you have joined a clan.
⇒ You can edit the clan’s [member comment] or view the play status of the clan members.
*The member comment and play status may not be in sync due to the time of clan profile updates.
*If you have a [friend] in the clan, further details of the play status will be displayed.
    • ■Maintenance:
      The application server will undergo maintenance every Tuesday from 14:00 <JST> to 17:00 <JST>.
      The game will be in [restricted mode] during maintenance where you can’t interact with other players.
      Please note that clan functionalities will not be available either.
    • *You can still acquire CP (Clan Point) during maintenance, but the acquired CP will be reflected on the clan after maintenance is completed.
  • *You can still sortie and use facilities like normal.
◎Added [Mountain] map.
Adjusting various parameters.  *For more details please click HERE.
  • ◎Use Free Practice to train against enemy AI.
  • ⇒ The enemy MS in Free Practice support AI functionality, allowing you to practice through combat.
  • ⇒ The MS with AI functionality will launch attack on the player so that practice will be just as actual combat.
  • ⇒ Enemy MS will automatically jump into action if you set [Enemy MS AI] to ON when you create a Free Practice room.
  • ⇒ If you set [Nullify damage] to ON as well, you will not take damage during practice.
  • *You can change the settings to ON/OFF at any time during free practice.
  • *AI functionality will be available for [Ground Maps] only after the update on Thursday, April 25, 2019.
    It will be added to [Space Maps] at a later update.
  • ◎Visualizing the [reduced damage reaction effect] during battle.
  • ⇒ Using special effects to visualize reduced effects when skills such as the [Maneuver Armor] create a reduced damage reaction effect.
  • ◎Added [Confirm profile] and [Invite to clan] function to the combat performance screen after combat.
  • ◎Adjusted infantry’s invulnerability rendering during combat
  • ⇒ Before: Getting up after being attacked and toppled by ally or own attack renders invulnerability.
  • ⇒ After: Being attacked and toppled by ally or own attack does not render invulnerability.
  • You can now invite clan members when you are in a Briefing Room that allows you to send invitations.
  • ◎In order to increase the success rate of matchmaking, the following search conditions have been adjusted:
  • Before: [Search for a group with the same number of people]
  • After: [If no group with the same amount of people can be found, search for group with ±1 player]
  • E.g., when you are matchmaking with a group of two players, if you can’t find a group of two,
    you will broaden the search and matchmake with groups of 2 to 3 players.
  • Once groups have been matched, the missing participants will be recruited.
    When there are enough participants, groups will be automatically assigned to balance the ratings.
  • *Both groups will be assigned to opposing teams, while all pilots of the same group will be on the same team.
  • ◎Game Modes available for Quick Matches have been increased from 1 to 2.
  • ⇒ Since Quick Matches disbanding after each combat has greatly shorten the wait to sortie, game modes have been increased to 2 to expand the gameplay.
  • ◎Rated Matches/Quick Matches will no longer display [Time until ejection:].
  • ⇒ Since Rated Matches/Quick Matches disband after each combat, the time until ejection will not be displayed on the performance screen.
  • ◎Kicking due to inactivity in combat is now regulated more tightly.
  • ⇒ Continuously inputting certain commands during combat will be deemed as [inactive].
  • ⇒ If you stay inactive for an extended period of time, you will be deemed abandoning the fight and will be ejected from the battle. A penalty will incur for failing to complete the match.
■Base Camp
  • ◎Added pilot menu.
  • ⇒ Select a pilot at the base camp and press the 〇 button to display the [pilot menu].
  • ⇒ Scroll the menu to chat (individual), confirm profile or invite to clan.
  • ◎Adjusted Chat function.
  • ⇒ [Friend] has been deleted from the chat option and replaced with [Individual] which can be used to send messages to all individual pilots.
    *You can still select the recipient from your Friends List.
  • ⇒ A sent or received [Individual] chat log of maximum 5 players can be stored.
  • *When there are over 5 players, the oldest player will be overwritten by the new one.
  • ⇒ The [All/Friend] tab at the top of the chat window has been deleted. Now all messages will be displayed in the same window.
  • ◎Keyboard support for chat.
  • ⇒ You can use the [right button] on your controller to select the recipient. Now you can also use the [right key] on your keyboard to select a recipient.
  • ⇒ You can use [R2 button+right stick up/down] to navigate the chat log. Now you can also use [Ctrl+up/down keys] to navigate the chat log.
  • ◎The recipient will be displayed on the upper left side when you launch the on-screen keyboard.
  • ◎The color scheme of the base camp has been adjusted as below:
Own Online ID/Chat Messages (System messages) :Green
Clan member’s Online ID/Clan chat messages :Yellow
Individual chat messages/Selected target at the base camp :Aqua
  • ◎Now you can open the H.A.R.O. screen by pressing the △ button at the Sortie Counter.
  • ◎A guide on the Paint Function has been added to the base camp guide in the Monitor Space.
  • ◎The following missions have been added to the Monthly Mission.
  • ⇒ The following requirements have been added to the May monthly mission starting from May 1, 2019 (WED) 5:00 <JST>:
  • ・Obtained 150 tokens in total.
  • ・Obtained 180 tokens in total.
  • ・Obtained 160 recycle tickets in total.
  • ・Obtained 200 recycle tickets in total.
  • Fixed the following issue: Recycle tickets obtained through specific conditions aren’t counted toward the monthly mission completion progress.
  • ⇒ They will be counted toward the [May monthly mission] starting from May 1, 2019 (WED) 5:00 <JST>. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • ◎Adjusted the pose of MS [Dra-C] inside the hangar.
  • ◎Changed the description on certain Custom Parts.
  • ・Quick Loader
  • Before: -xx% to ranged weapon reload time.
  • After: -xx% to ranged live ammo weapon reload time.
  • ・Precision Focusing Ring
  • Before: -xx% to focusing time for beam weapons.
  • After: -xx% to focusing time for ranged beam weapons.
  • ・Auxiliary Generator
  • Before: -xx% to recovery time from beam weapons overheating.
  • After: -xx% to recovery time from ranged beam weapons overheating.
  • *The effects of the custom parts remain unchanged.
  • ◎The number of Premium Medals obtained has been added to the Database’s [Basic Data].
    • ◎Marking location(s) changed for the MS [GM Sniper II [White Dingo]].
    • ◎Marking location changed for the MS [Rick Dom II].
  • ◎The player will be guided to [Training] after the initial tutorial.
■Application Data Updates
■New materials for exchange have been added to the Recycle Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Newly Added Units
  • ★★★Dowadge LV1
  • ★★Dra-C LV3
  • ■Newly Added Custom Part
  • ★★Database Link LV2
  • *The materials mentioned above will definitely be available at the Recycle Counter for two days from Thursday, April 25, 2019 to Friday, April 26, 2019 (JST).
  • ■Newly Added Marking
  • ★White Dingo Team <Black>
■Materials for exchange have been added to the DP Exchange Counter.
⇒ Information on some of the newly added materials:
  • ■Newly Added Unit
  • ★★★Gelgoog Cannon LV1
■[GW Limited Missions] Promotion Campaign Announcement  *For more details please click HERE.
■Lottery Lineup Update  *For more details please click HERE.
■Some materials have been removed from the lottery lineup.  *For more details please click HERE.
■Bug Fixes
  • ◎Map
  • ・Fixed:  Collision detection missing for some rocks on map [Impact Site].
  • ・Fixed: The pilot was able to clip through the ground near the crashed battleship to the north of Waypoint Base D on map [Impact Site].
  • ・Fixed: The pilot was able to clip through the debris near Waypoint Base B on map [Dark Space].
  • ・Fixed part of the damaged ship model near Waypoint Base B on map [Dark Space].
  • ・Fixed: The pilot was able to clip through the wall at the center of the [Dark Space] map.
  • ・Fixed:  The pilot was able to clip through certain containers on the [Port Base] map.
  • ・Fixed:  The pilot could move out of the [Port Base] map area from a certain location.
  • ・Fixed:  The pilot faced an unnatural direction when placing or defusing a bomb in [Port Base] and [Resource Satellite].
  • ・Fixed: The pilot was able to crawl through an inaccessible passage in [Deserted City].
  • ◎Battle
  • ・Fixed: The [Over Boost] skill sound effect continued to play when sortieing on Free Practice after conducting certain procedures.
  • ・Fixed: The right stick was disabled during battle after certain operations.
  • ・Fixed: Target cursor is misplaced after requesting for support under certain circumstances.
  • ・Fixed: Enemy MS’ serial numbers weren’t displayed in order when requesting support fire during Free Practice.
  • ・Fixed: Ranged weapons were disabled on a space map under certain circumstances.
  • ・Fixed: Camera sometimes shakes in pilot mode during battle.
  • ◎Unit
  • ・Fixed: The pilot clipped inside the [Guntank] or the [Guntank Mass Production Type] when disembarking an MS that is leaning forward.
  • ・Fixed: Unnatural movement when the melee attack of units such as the [Gundam] deflects off another.
  • ・Fixed: Part of the [Gundam Unit 4]’s body wasn’t displayed under certain circumstances.
  • ・The [Gundam Unit 5]’s bullet belt displays after fix.
  • ・The [Zaku Tank [Artillery]]’s and the [Guntank Mass Production Type]’s cannon barrel isn’t part of the hitbox after fix.
  • ・Fixed: The [GM Trainer]’s main weapon HYPER BAZOOKA wasn’t displayed when not being equipped during combat.
  • ◎Weaponry
  • ・Fixed: Other players regarded the [STURM FAUST] as being equipped during weapon swap.
  • ◎Network
  • ・Fixed: When sortieing and attacking at the same time with certain teams, an application error will occur.
  • ・Fixed: Players who weren’t disconnected during Rated Matches/Quick Matches were displayed as offline.
  • ◎Others
  • ・Fixed: The [ADD] marking wasn’t displayed correctly at the Supply Counter’s Recycle Counter.
  • ・Fixed: The rating value displayed in the database varied from that displayed in the Briefing Room.
  • ・Fixed: An application error sometimes occurred when performing certain tasks with the language set to English.
  • ■Updating Application Data
  • Launch MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM BATTLE OPERATION 2 from PlayStation®4’s home screen. The latest version will be downloaded automatically if you are connected to the Internet.
  • After the update is completed, [ver. info] on the upper right corner of [H.A.R.O.] will update as well.
    Should [ver. info] remain the same, please try again in a little while.
    In addition, players with a different [ver. info] will not be matched with each other.
  • *Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The actual game has been localized into English.
  • *Information posted here has been made public as of April 25, 2019.