[GW Limited Missions] Promotion Campaign Announcement

■2019/04/25 14:00
ver. 0111.01xx
Get the new MS Zaku II FS (SM) during the GW Limited Missions Promotion Campaign starting from Thursday, April 25, 2019.
■Campaign Period
2019/04/25 (THU) 14:00 <JST> – 2019/05/07 (TUE) 4:59 <JST> [Scheduled]
■Campaign Details
Releasing special limited missions.
Get the chance to receive materials such as [Shin Matsunaga] themed MS or Markings by completing limited missions during the campaign period.
■Received Materials after Mission Completion
・★★ Zaku II FS (SM)  LV1~3  (For Ground/Space use. Cost: 300)
  • ■Mobile Suit Features
  • ・Raid unit with a cost of 300.
  • ・This completely revamped Zaku II FS is piloted by Shin Matsunaga, also known as the “White Wolf.”
  • ・In addition to using its Large Heat Hawk [Enhanced], which is highly powerful and can cause longer recovery time, this MS also utilizes its great overall performance and even greater mobility to launch attacks.
  • ・★★Shin Matsunaga Early Type
  • ・★★Shin Matsunaga
  • *Unlike Daily Missions, limited missions don’t have to be completed within 1 day. The mission progress will carry on to the next day as long as it’s within the period.
  • *Go to [Mission] → [Limited] under the H.A.R.O. menu to confirm mission details and your progress.
  • *Mission Completion Reward will be sent to the Rewards Center.
■Newly Added DP Exclusive Exchange Materials
[DP Exclusive Exchange Materials] added to the Supply Counter’s DP Exchange Counter.
⇒ Exchange materials details
■Newly Added Melee Main Weapon
*The Large Heat Hawk [Enhanced] is an extremely powerful melee main weapon used exclusively by the MS Zaku II FS (SM).
  • *Screenshots shown are from the Japanese version. The actual game has been localized into English.
  • *Information posted here has been made public as of April 25, 2019.