Notice about inappropriate Clan names and introduction in game

■[PDT] 04/19/2023 22:00
■[CEST] 04/20/2023 07:00
We have noticed some inappropriate Clan names and introductions in game, as this is an announcement to those
users who had named the Clan so or put on the introduction, as a warning.
  • ・A Clan name or clan tag which is out of public policy doctrine.
  • ・Clan introduction which is so.
Warned accounts will be identified as “Clan leader had made inappropriate comment in the past” or “Clan leader had made inappropriate comment recently”.
Also, those related Clan names and introduction are now forcibly changed.
We would like see cooperative pilots in Gundam Battle Operation 2 not just about BM action in battle and chat, we also hope you will understand that public policy doctrine is a big topic for us and stay with us to keep a nice and polite game environment.
We will keep tracking those accounts which is related to these cases and warn them at the first time, if those actions still continue, we will stop the access to those accounts without ANY announcement.