Notice About skills "Flight System" and "Maneuver Armor"

■[PDT] 04/05/2023 22:00
■[CEST] 04/06/2023 07:00
Thank you for always playing “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2”.
We have confirmed a situation about skills “Flight System” and “Maneuver Armor” that those units have both skills and the performance of reducing damage reaction effect is not working as expected at the moment.
■Confirmed Situation
During the time of using high speed movement by the skill “Flight System” or “Sub Leg Controller”, both skills effect is not working but “Maneuver Armor” came activated first, which means those units are still getting affected by damage reaction from melee attack.
※ “Flight System”, “Sub Leg Controller”: Reducing both range and melee attack damage reaction while flight mode.
(Including direct attack such as skill “Ram Attack”)
※ “Maneuver Armor”: Reducing range attack damage reaction when using high speed movement (Not including ANY melee attack)
■Units with this issue
This bug is only affect these units which have both “Flight System” and “Maneuver Armor”
  • ・Gouf Flight Type
  • ・Byarlant
  • ・Byarlant Isolde
  • ・Byarlant Custom
  • ・Atlas Gundam [TB]
“Flight System” is supposed to be more useful and will be set to a higher priority, this bug fix will be applied in the update of late April.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.