[Developer Newsletter] Regarding the Update of Late February

■[PST] 02/21/2023 01:00
■[CET] 02/21/2023 10:00
■First of all,
Greetings, all pilots! This is Ohta here.
Let me tell you the truth… which is Feb of 2023 is heading to the end… and this is my first developing newsletter in 2023.
Just leave the reality behind and… HAPPY NEW YEARSSS to you ALL (well I know this is a little bit late), I wish you all will have a good year with us!
Never mind, let talk about the update contents.
■New Ground MAP “Colony Drop Area”
We are planning to add the new map “Colony Drop Area” in the coming update.
It is a place that literally a site of fallen colony, outside the colony and several layers structure inside the ruin means  pilots have to fight in these wide areas.
Let’s have a look to the map feature and some rules.
<Map overall>
Ruin of the colony is right in the middle of the map and there are flat grounds and rocks surrounding.
The main field, inside of the colony will be separated into upper and lower layer, pilots need to have a good sense of movement in order to deal with different layer.
Also, all 3 starting points are shown as below.
※Only player 1 and 4 will stay inside and others will fight outside the colony.
<Feature ①: Different setting of upper and lower layer need different movements>
Inside the ruin is formed by “upper layer with good visibility” and “lower layer full of obstacles”, and most fights happened in the upper layer will be expected.
There are several covers in the upper layer, still it is an open area and easy to have a shooting fight. But pilots can also use the covers to approach the opponents and launch some melee attack.
We know there will be some cases that pilots will draw attention and take tons of damage from the firepower, that’s why we have a “big middle hole” and “slopes surrounding the colony” to let the pilot escape from those kind of situation.
Bigger obstacles in the lower layer means narrow and bad visibility, which is make a good advantage to those stealth and melee combat MS.
And you may use this layer to get to the back of the enemy team depends on the situation.
There are several routes can get through to the inside of colony ruin (lower / upper).
<Feature ②: Some Sniping point outside the colony>
There are some high points outside the ruin and you may snipe the MS inside.
The disadvantage is a narrow angle for sniping and you have to mostly fight on your own.
Pilots sometimes need to decide to leave this position and join the allies if this is no longer a useful point.
This is all of the new map.
Give it a try after the update!
■About clarifying the relationship of “rank” and “rating”
We are now planning to clarify the relationship of “rank” and “rating” in days.
Please understand that this is a somewhat sensitive subject.
In GBO2, missions for promoting to a lieutenant require several “conditions of player skill” such as “rating B- or above” and make sure all lieutenants are having a skill of rating B- or above.
We confirm this case by receiving reports and obtaining various data which directing to a fact of some lieutenants are actually “performing better than a usual D- Rank”, meaning that some of the players are not exactly reaching the rank with the skill in their rating.
It is supposed that losing battle will take a rating descent.
Still, those players have reached to rating B- at a point and they intent to lose battle after battle to get to a lower rank because of the rating descent system, so we have studied and list the problems.
Basically, GBO2 will match and team the players up depends on their rating, which makes the situation of “some rating-B pilots are treated as D- pilots” and causing the unfair battles.
Base on the fact of “those players have a related skill level to the rank”, we are adjusting the mechanism in the update planned on [PST] 02/22/2023 / [CET] 02/23/2023.
①Target: all pilots
Once player reach the rank, their rating will no longer able to drop below a specific number.
※Rank and rating is listed below.
Rank Rating/Rank
Ground Space
Colonel 1800/B 1700/C+
Lieutenant Colonel 1800/B 1700/C+ ※”Rating A or above” required when promoting to Lieutenant Colonel.
Major 1800/B 1700/C+ ※”Rating A- or above” required when promoting to Major.
Captain 1700/C+ 1600/C-
Lieutenant 1700/C+ 1600/C- ※”Rating B- or above” required when promoting to Lieutenant.
②Target: some pilots
Pilots whose rating lower than indicator mentioned in ① in the next update on [JST] 02/23/2023(Thur) will be forcibly applied a rating change which is detailed below.
・ONLY Rating match available in the counter
⇒ In order to identify and arrange pilots’ rating, one Rating Match(ground or space) will be required.
After the match, pilots will be settle to the designated rating and able to join all kind of game mode.
※Those “never have match in space” pilots will need to play one Rating Match(space) game.
Including all experience of the ground battle in those players, we are expecting that they will still have C- although they are having their first space match.
We completely understand this will cause pilots inconvenience especially those only play on ground or in space who will need to have a unfamiliar match, we will distribute “DP 300,000” to all pilots in this update as our appreciation and apology. Thank you for all cooperation.
■New MS “S Gundam”, Roll out!
“GUNDAM SENTINEL”s, “S Gundam” approaching as a cost 600 raid unit!
We already have the one with enhanced parts, “Ex-S Gundam” in GBO2 and this is the original MS of it.
It may be a little bad performance than Ex-S Gundam but it is still a agile, good shooting and melee ability as a almighty MS.
<Unit Description>
・Original Source “GUNDAM SENTINEL” Sortie Limit “Ground/Space”, raid unit with cost of 600.
・A fourth-generation MS designed at Anaheim Electronics in parallel with the ZZ Gundam.
Although developed under the codename “Iota Gundam,” it was officially titled the “Superior Gundam.”
・Featured a highly accurate beam smart gun, beam saber and head vulcan gun.
There are also beam cannon and the quasi-psycommu-powered Incoms, make it suitable for shooting and melee combat.
・Equipped with the ALICE AI to handle complicated weaponry and add-ons (with the ultimate goal of creating an unmanned MS), the quasi-psycommu-powered Incoms can be used effectively even by non-Newtype pilots.
・Can be deployed both on the Ground and in Space.
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.
■Last but not least
This update will apply at [PST] 02/22/2023 21:00 / [CET] 02/23/2023 06:00.
New MS and new function, hopefully, all of them will make GBO2 a more user friendly environment and so be sure to stay tuned.
Please wait for the next update.
(Development: Ohta)