[Developer Newsletter] Year's End Message

■[PST] 12/27/2022 01:00
■[CET] 12/27/2022 10:00
Greetings to All Pilots! Its Development Director Ota here.
Its the last 5 days of 2022, and soon the countdown for 2023 will start.
Well then, this will be the last Developer Newsletter of the year and different from the usual ones it won’t be about the update notices but, the purpose of this message will be a request and to greet all pilots。
■Requesting Your Ideas, Wishes
First things first, it will be about “Submitting Your Ideas and Wishes”.
Dear Pilots, how is the current gameplay environment of GBO2?
Since there are lots of updates, fixes and adjustments in GBO2, we would like to have your opinions like “That change was great!”, “It was nice!” and also, “I would like to have that feature”, “It would be better to have it like that” kind of wishes would be also a lot.
We welcome your comments and requests on a daily basis via the contact page on our official website, as we are trying to reflect all the opinions we can get. However let me express a “frank request” from the Development and Management side…
We are happier the more comments and wishes we receive!
The reason is quite simple: We want to make GBO2 even better and as comfortable and sincere as possible, according to our Pilots wishes.
Although our Staff plays GBO2 on a daily basis, our playing time is far less than the players, so we are asking for your support collect more opinions from you.
However, since we won’t be able to reflect all of the pilots wishes and comments to GBO2, we would like to apologize beforehand. We wish to present you a more comfortable and a more pleasant gameplay environment according to your wishes.
■12/29/2022 [JST] Update Notice
“GBO2 Winter Festival 2022” Campaign in session!
However, since the remaining period of the event is short, please do not forget about those who have not yet received the various rewards of the limited-time mission.
Also, “GBO2 Winter Festival 2022” will end on [PST] 12/28/2022 20:59 / [CET] 12/29/2022 05:59, and as each year, we will hold “Happy New Year 2023” Campaign!
During the Campaign “New Year’s Gift Free 10 Supply Drops with 2 ★★★ Rarity Guaranteed MS!!” Supply Drop and also, Custom Parts and ★★★★ MS as bonus “New Year’s Lucky Bag Step Up Supply Drop” will be here.
We are also planning to hold various Supply Drop events, so please look forward to it!
※Besides those, “Various Parameter Adjustment” and “Notice About Suspension of Some Accounts” are also scheduled to be implemented.
■Last but not Least
Year 2022 was such a memorable year for us, as we won the “PlayStation Partner Awards 2022” for the third year in a row, and also marked the 10th anniversary of GBO series.
Thanks to all the pilots who have supported us, we are very grateful!
As for the coming year, we would like to continue our efforts to implement new MS and new features to improve the playing environment based on the results of the survey that I mentioned above.
We are looking forward to our 6th and 7th anniversaries, not just our 5th.
Also, though that is not a a preview but, more crazy Units are scheduled to appear one after another in the future.
Not just about GBO2 but, it will be a year of further deepening our knowledge of Gundam as well!
As the conclusion, I would like to conclude with an introduction to a new golden Unit that may bring you good fortune. Enjoy your GBO2 experience and Happy New Year!
(Development Director: Ota)
※This video may not be representative of the actual product.