[8th Rank Match] Overview

■[PST] 11/16/2022 21:00
■[CET] 11/17/2022 06:00
8th Rank Match will commence!
  • ■8th Rank Match Entry Period
  • [PST] 11/16/2022 21:00 – 11/20/2022 11:30 [Scheduled]
    [CET] 11/17/2022 06:00 – 11/20/2022 20:30 [Scheduled]
  • ■8th Rank Match Period
  • [PST] 11/18/2022 17:00 – 11/20/2022 11:30 [Scheduled]
    [CET] 11/19/2022 02:00 – 11/20/2022 20:30 [Scheduled]
  • ■8th Rank Match Rewards Receive Period
  • [PST] 11/20/2022 12:00 – 12/04/2022 11:59 [Scheduled]
    [CET] 11/20/2022 21:00 – 12/04/2022 20:59 [Scheduled]
  • ■8th Rank Match Regulations
Rules Brawl Match
Cost 350 (Maximum amount of RP obtainable through personal score is [+1000RP])
Map Tropical Desert
Target Rating Ground
Participant Amount 12
    • ■Rank Matches are
    • Limited-time ranking events for mercenary pilots affiliated with the “P.M.U.”.
    • Competitions to obtain RP (Rank Points) with pre-determined rules for event.
    • Rankings will decided according to the accumulated RP with special rewards awaiting those who are achieve a high-ranking position.
    • ■How to participate in Rank Matches
    • 1. During the entry window, please select Rank Match from the Event menu at the sortie reception and apply for entry.
  • ※You can apply for entry at any time during the event window, even when the Rank Match has already started.
  • ※It may take several minutes to complete the entry application. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to participate in Rank Matches until the entry application is completed.
  • 2. After your entry application is completed, your assigned league will be determined according to your rating.
  • ※Your assigned league is determined by your rating at the time of entry. There will be no change in assigned league even if your rating changes after entry.
  • ※After your assigned league is determined, 20 participants will be grouped together according to their ratings.
  • ※Ratings don’t change during the Rank Matches.
  • 3. Compete within your group of 20 participants in your assigned league to obtain RP (rank points).
  • ※If you enter before the event starts, you will be assigned to a group according to rating.
  • ※If you enter after the event starts, you will be added to a group with open slots in your assigned league.
  • ※The grouping of 20 participants does not compete on the battlefield, but instead compete to obtain RP.
  • ※Matchmaking is performed based on the rating at the time of sortie.
  • ■How to Play the Rank Matches
  • 1. By entering Rank Matches from the sortie counter, you can obtain RP (rank points) at the end of the battle. RP obtained is determined by the following:
5% of Personal Score will be rewarded as RP.
  • e.g. Personal Score 5000 ⇒ 5% will be 250RP
  • ※Maximum amount of RP obtainable through personal score is [+1000RP].
・Get RP from Top Score of “Personal Score”, “Dealt Damage”, “Assist”, “MS Destroyed”, “MS Lost”.
  • Per Category: +120RP
“Final Ranking” of participated battle will specify the rewarded RP.
  • 1st:+400RP
  • ※If the Final Ranking is same, player with the lower rank when matched will be placed higher.
・RP will be bestowed according to the placed League.
  • S League: Personal Score, Top Score Mark, Final Ranking as Total RP × 1.8
    A League: Personal Score, Top Score Mark, Final Ranking as Total RP × 1.5
    B League: Personal Score, Top Score Mark, Final Ranking as Total RP × 1.3
    C League: Personal Score, Top Score Mark, Final Ranking as Total RP × 1.1
    D League: Personal Score, Top Score Mark, Final Ranking as Total RP × 1.0
RP acquisition example according to 3.
Personal Score :5000 = 250RP Total = 1,625RP
Top Score Mark :5 = 600RP
Final Ranking :1st = 400RP
League Affiliation :B League × 1.3
  • ※Mission Dispatch or RP acquisition will be limited if player’s status is higher than Left Status [PENALTY Lv1].
  • 2. You can participate in up to “10 battles per day” in Rank Match.
  • ※If you intentionally leave a battle, such as by disconnecting the network connection, the number of possible sorties will still be deducted. In addition, escalation of penalty levels due to mid-game withdrawals is set higher in Rank Match compared to other matches.
  • 3. The Daily Obtainable RP is based on your Top 3 Battle’s Rankings
  • Awarded RP will be from the top 3 battles earned during the event period. Even if the Pilots earn RP during the event period, only the top 3 battles results will be considered and added for the ranking.
  • ■Ranking System
  • In GBO2, there are in total of 4 types of rankings available.
  • ⇒ Ranks can checked by H.A.R.O.>Data Base>Rankings.
■Group Ranking

Group Ranking is where a player is assigned to a group consisting of “20 Pilots” with the same rating and aims to become the top player in that group.
Group assignment is determined by your rating upon entering a Rank Match.

■Global Ranking

A ranking where all GBO2 pilots compete for RP (Rank Points).
The top 100 is displayed in the global ranking.

■Friend Ranking

You can check your friends’ global ranking information.

■Clan Ranking

You can check your clan’s global ranking information.

  • ※Ranking information is not updated in real-time, and it can take some time for new information to appear. Please keep in mind that the latest RP may not be available immediately.
  • ■Rank Match Rewards
  • Rewards will be given to all pilots who participate in Rank Match.
  • High-ranking pilots will receive even greater rewards.
※For the details about Rank Match Rewards, please click here.